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The Tai Chi Training Camp in Toyohashi 2014: Congratulations, Satchan!


1926730_599608880160996_25541487563107799_n-a     “Satchan!” I called out my friend’s name when I found her in the hotel’s lobby. She was sitting with her teacher. Where was I? I was in a hotel in Toyohashi to attend a Tai Chi training camp, which was held on October 4 and 5. Satchan was there to take a test for becoming a shihan( Tai Chi master.)

     The Tai Chi training camp is held every October. I’ve joined it since I was a beginner and this was probably the seventh time for me. The participants practice Tai Chi together and learn theory with some actual movements. In addition, there is an examination for becoming a Tai Chi master. Actually, not everyone can take the test. Test-takers have to fulfill all the conditions: having already the pre-master certification and five years further after taking it, a membership of Tokyo head office and a recommendation letter from their teachers. It takes at least ten years to qualify for taking the test after starting to do Tai Chi. DSCF0741-a

     Satchan met all the conditions. That was great! Actually, there were more than 80 people who were going to take the test this time! Wow! Mr. Kawamura was also included. He and I are learning from the same teacher. So, I came to the place not only to practice Tai Chi and meet my friends but also to cheer him at the test this time. DSCF0746

     Actually, I did not know that Satchan was going to take the test there until I found her at the hotel. I had thought she would take it at another opportunity in Tokyo because she had not mentioned anything about her participation. It might be because she and I are not “Tai Chi” friends. We are “English” friends. I mean, we got to know each other through English classes. I did not even know she was also doing Tai Chi when I started. That is why, we seldom talk about Tai Chi when we meet. Interestingly it was the first time for us to see each other in uniform, which is originally for karate but is our school’s (Yang Ming-Shi Simplified 24-Form Tai Chi) official costume. DSCF0771

     The test-takers were divided into two groups. Satchan and Mr. Kawamura were in the  latter group. Besides they were standing next to each other. So It was lucky for me because I was able to take photos of them once. All the examinees looked nervous before their names were called, but once the test started, interestingly the audience seemed to be more nervous than the performers. Fortunately, all of the candidates passed the test. Congratulations!

The Tai Chi Training Camp in Hakone 2012: "Are you coming?!"



     “Actually, we’re coming to Hakone, too. See you later.” Soon after Michipon texted Kiku-chan that, she got its return message of surprise: “Are you coming?!” That was on the train heading for Odawara. Michipon, Fusa-fusa and I were going to Hakone in Kanagawa Prefecture on the morning of May 6th. TS3N0098

     There is a Tai Chi training camp in Hakone on May 6th and 7th every year. An examination for promotion to grand master of Tai Chi is also held during the camp. Kiku-chan and his husband were going to take the test this year, and Michipon, Fusa-fusa and I were going there to encourage them. But we had not told them about that until Michipon texted Kiku-chan in the train that morning. We wanted to surprise them. But we became afraid that they might cancel the plan after getting on the train….That is why Michipon confirmed that by texting, and then revealed that we were also coming. TS3N0078

     At Odawara Station, Michipon, Fusa-fusa and I got on a bus. It was a usual city bus, but the inside of the car was probably unusual because it was jammed with people who were taking part in the Tai Chi training camp like us. Of course, the passenger sitting next to me was also a participant. Surprisingly, she came from Hokkaido! She was also taking the examination for being grand master of Tai Chi. Although it took nearly an hour to arrive at our destination from the station in the overcrowded cattle car, I had a great time talking to her about Hokkaido’s grand nature and Tai Chi.  TS3N0080

     The training was held at a gymnasium named Lake Arena Hakone. About 350 people from all over Japan participated in the meeting this year. Kiku-chan cried out gratefully, “I’ve never heard someone take part in the training camp to encourage examinees!” when Michipon, Fusa-fusa and I met her at the gym. TS3N0082

     As you can see, all the participants are wearing the same martial arts uniform. It is because that is our formal wear in Yang Ming-Shi Tai Chi. We usually do Tai Chi in casual clothing such as T-shirt and stretch pants. But all the participants at the meeting had to wear the uniform. That is why, Kiku-chan bought the uniform to take the examination, and Michipon, Fusa-fusa and I bought ours to see her and her husband this time.  TS3N0091

     It was a terrible weather that day. We had a thunder storm during the training at the gym. There was even a tornado in Ibaraki Prefecture and it killed a boy. But we went out the gymnasium after the meeting, the sky was getting clear up and we were able to see Mt. Fuji’s beautiful silhouette. I couldn’t take its marvelous figure with my phone camera, but the mountain was shinning silvery at night with a full moon. That was amazing.  TS3N0088

     Next day, it was a beautiful day that it was hard to believe that we had a terrible storm on the previous day. We practiced Tai Chi at 6:30 in the morning under the blue sky hearing birds singing. We could see Mt. Fuji’s elegant and beautiful shape. Someone exclaimed with pleasure, “Nevertheless I’ve come here for more than 15 years, it’s the first time for me to see such a beautiful Mt. Fuji!” That is, I was very lucky.  TS3N0109

     After breakfast, the examination for promotion to grand master of Tai Chi was held at the gymnasium. There were about 100 examinees this time and they were separated into three groups. The lady from Hokkaido was in group A, and Kiku-chan and her husband were in C. The room was filled with a feeling of tension. Only sound I heard was rustles of the performers’ costumes. And sometimes cameras’ shutter sounds…When the examination was over, it seemed that not only test-takers but also observers got relieved. Actually, people who did not take the test might be more nervous than the performers. I was very glad all of them passed the examination. Congratulations!  IMG1

     Kiku-chan and her husband took Michipon, Fusa-fusa, and me to a museum called Narukawa Art Museum in Hakone after the training camp. The museum is on the top of a hill, and you can enjoy not only its exhibits but also the view from the place. We appreciated wonderful modern Japanese paintings, and chattered over coffee and cake seeing a beautiful view from the café. I had a really great time with my friends. The trip to Hakone is going to be a cherished memory for me. TS3N0120 FH000019


The Taichi Training Camp 2011: Let’s Do Taichi for Health, Friendship and Peace!


g-2-a      Have you ever done or seen Taichi? Actually, I do Taichi. There was a Taichi training camp for Aichi Prefecture Branch of Yang Min Shi Taiji Quan in Toyohashi on October 8th and 9th, and I took part in it with a friend of mine, Fusa-fusa. She and I enjoyed doing Taichi and meeting some of our friends there.

     After she and I arrived at the hotel and changed clothes for doing Taichi, we went to a big room, which seemed to be usually used for banquets, when we met Miyuki there. “How have you been?! ” All of us exclaimed each other joyfully. We were roommates last year. And then, Yama-P joined there, who is also my friend. She came to the training camp for taking a test for certification of master. We four sat on the floor with other participants and had a lecture together. g-3-a

     The lecture was held by Master Kay, the daughter of Yang Min Shi who is the founder of our style of Taichi. She claimed “Mind” was the most important for doing Taichi. “Mind, Breath, and Movement” are identified as the three important things for Taichi, but most doers learn how to breathe during Taichi and practice its movements. It is, however, very important to be free from all distracting thoughts when you do Taichi. That’s why, some people call Taichi as “Moving Zen”. As for me, it’s really hard to clear my mind when I do…TS3N1244

     Fusa-fusa and I were in the same room, which was on the 22nd floor (!), and had a great view from our window. After the lecture when we entered the room, there was a beautiful sunset out of the window. It’s difficult to find on this photo, but there are many windmills for power generation along the coast. Wind power generation will become more important and popular in Japan after the nuclear accident in Fukushima. I couldn’t stop praying for peace in this world when I was seeing those windmills and the sun setting over the sea.

     Fusa-fusa, Yama-P, and I were sitting at a table with some of the other participants. One of them was nearly 90 years old! He looked much younger than his real age and energetic! Another one came to the camp for taking a test for certification of master like Yama-P. Both of them were too nerves to eat much dinner. Poor thing. Actually, all of us at the table couldn’t eat so much because the food was not good, honestly…We poor thing!TS3N1247

     After the dinner, all of the participants listened to a talk between Master Nagamote and Master Kay. I didn’t know that Master Yang Min Shi had named himself “Min Shi” after he came to Japan from China, and the meaning of his new name is to become a history maker. So, he did!

     I went back to my room with Fusa-fusa, Yama-P, and Miyuki after the talk, and chatted for a while there. Yama-P went to her room because she wanted to rest earlier for the test next day, and Fusa-fusa, who is a color therapist, went to another room to consult some people. Miyuki and I went to a Starbuck’s near the hotel to have coffee.TS3N1255

     Actually, it was a quite unbelievable thing as compared to the previous hotel, in which the Taichi training camp had been held for past three years. Because the former one is located on top of the mountain near the sea and there’s no shops or restaurants nearby, people can’t go anywhere once they enter there… So, Miyuki and I enjoyed the night town a little. 

     Next morning, all of the participants got together and did Taichi at 6:30! Early! After the practice, there was a little topsy-turvydom in the hotel. They hadn’t expected 400 people came to have breakfast all at once. They had to prepare for a room for us to avoid any confusion with other guests and we had to wait for the meal nearly 30 minutes, standing at the narrow alley…TS3N1262

     From 9:30 in the morning, we had a practice all together. And then, there was a test for certification of master. Yama-P said she was really nerves and I was sure she was, but she looked dignified and very elegant while doing Taichi before judges. Of course, she passed the test! Congratulations, Yama-P! After the test, teachers showed others doing Taichi. Their performance was great and really beautiful. When will I be like them? Yama-P , after the test, had a good appetite. We enjoyed having lunch together. TS3N1269

     The training camp was the fifth time for me, and I was able to have a happy reunion with some friends there. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to be roommates with someone I don’t know at the hotel unlike at the former one, whose rooms are usually for four people or five. That is, it’s difficult to make new friends at the Taichi camp anymore…The new place was nice for practicing all together, though, I felt a little sad…But it’s really wonderful to meet many people and do Taichi together! So, I’m looking forward to the Taichi training camp next year!


Chinese Martial Art and Tai Chi Chuan 2010


愛知大学ポスター      How generous Aichi University is! They held an event called “Chinese Martial Art and Tai Chi Chuan” on Nagoya Miyoshi campus for free on November 3rd. It was the 22nd annual event this year.

     There were four events: The 42-Form (Competition Form) Tai Chi Chuan, the 32-form Tai Chi Sword, Tai Chi Push Hands, and the 24-Form Tai Chi Chuan. I took the 24-form Tai Chi with two of my friends. Actually Tai Chi I usually do is different from that one. TS3N0921

     What I do is Yang Ming-Shi style, which was made from the 24-form Tai Chi by Mr. Yang Ming-Shi 50 years ago and has spread here in Japan. Actually it was not only me who took part in the event, but also many people who belong to Yang Ming-Shi style was there. TS3N0916

     The reason why I took the class at Aichi University because I thought I was able to learn many things through the original style and seeing other events. Amazingly, there were 150 participants in the class of the 24-form Tai Chi that day. I was very happy to know such many people love and enjoy doing Tai Chi. TS3N0912

     Not only the teacher but also many people around me taught me. I enjoyed not only doing Tai Chi but also chattering with many people there. That was wonderful. But I was really tired because I was at the gymnasium from before 9:30 in the morning to after 5:00 in the afternoon. TS3N0926

     There were performances of kung-fu by students of the university, of the 32-form Tai Chi Sword, of Tai Chi Push Hands, and the 42-form Tai Chi. Students’ movements were strenuous and energetic. It was my first time to see Tai Chi with swords. It looked really difficult, but interested me. Tai Chi Push Hands is Tai Chi played in pairs. They looked like dancing, but I know you can’t do that unless you’re an expert. I’d like to try it someday. The teacher of the 42-form Tai Chi is very beautiful. I’m a fan of her. Her movement is powerful, energetic but elegant and smooth. TS3N0927

     I’ve heard that Aichi University is going to move to the developing area of Nagoya Station soon. What will happen to the old campus including the gym? I hope they keep having the wonderful event.