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My Travel in London 3 ~ Southwark ~ : Do you live here in this church, Cat?


london 103

     Tate Modern was being occupied by high school (probably) students…I crossed the Millennium Bridge and came to the museum. (I was traveling in London. The former episodes are here: My Travel to London 1, and My Travel to London 2) While walking on the bridge, I already passed bunches of students. Many groups of young people were coming and going before me when I arrived on the south bank of the riveropposite riverside. It was Tate Modern that stood towering in front of me. I pushed my way through flocks of students and entered the museum. london 099

     It was already in the afternoon. I was exhausted and starved. There was a café corner before me when I went through the riverside entrance. Many students were waiting for their turn to buy something. Food! Coffee! I also stood in the line. A short time later, I got a cup of coffee (Americano) and a pack of sandwiches (ham and cheese). But I could not find an empty seat there. Some students were sitting on the floor. I gave up eating there, and went out. london 101

     Luckily it was not raining or cold outside that day, and I was able to find a bench soon. Three men were playing music two benches away. I enjoyed my lunch, looking at the St. Paul far away over the river and listening to their Latin music. Occasionally some people passing by started dancing or/and singing before the musicians, and laughter broke out. It was nice to see those people. I was enjoying a sense of liberty. london 104

     By the time when I finished my lunch, the musicians had stopped playing and the riverside had become a little quiet. I went back to Tate Modern and explored on the level 2. I enjoyed seeing some paintings of Picasso and other surrealists’ works. Then I dropped by a shop of the museum. I like museums’ shops.london 106 A lot of products were beckoning at the shop. Ah…how tempting! But I was able to overcome my desire because I had to walk for a while and did not want to carry heavy things. london 117

     After leaving the museum, I passed by Shakespeare’s Globe. Next time I visit London, I will go inside. But I just looked at the theater from outside that day because it was really crowded. Then I walked through old beer brewery area and came to Borough Market. london 121

     Actually, my main destination was Southwark Cathedral. Borough Market was next to the church. In contrast with the silence of the stone-built Gothic architecture, the market was bustling with people who were enjoying a relaxing lunchtime. Delicious-smelling air was wafting. Oh, roast hog! I regretted eating sandwiches at Tate Modern a little… london 113

     When I opened the door of Southwark Cathedral, there was a completely different world inside from outside. I was in the serene hush. london 122Some people were taking their seats and saying silent prayers. I also sat down and had a rest for a while. I do not know the reason but the church was very comfortable. I went to the shop and bought the permission to take photos inside for £2.

     Interestingly they have a huge head of Jesus Christ on the alter. When I was taking that photo, a cat came to me from nowhere. It greeted me with its tail up, and was chafing between my legs for a while. london 141Does the cat live in the church? I liked the place very much because of its atmosphere and the lovely creature.

     When I went outside, it was London Bridge before me. I was crossing the bridge and going to Leadenhall Market. I’ll write about the place next time…london 138