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My Travel in Vancouver 3 (Day 2 Part 1) ~ Capilano Suspension Bridge Park ~: Don’t forget to get a free poncho!


バンクーバー2014 074     The weather forecast is treacherous in Vancouver. If you see a sign of an umbrella even with a mark of lightning in the morning, you might not need an umbrella at all. In fact, the weather forecast for that week was for rain every day, but it had cleared up the previous day. So, it might stop raining. I thought that when I looked up into the sky in the morning of the second day in Vancouver. It was drizzling. Most people were walking briskly without umbrellas. It might clear up by the time I got to the park. I decided to go to Capilano Suspension Bridge Park and walked to Blue Horizon Hotel. There is a free shuttle bus from there a few-minute walk from my hotel. バンクーバー2014 070

     The bus arrived at the hotel around 9:10 a.m. The driver was a cheerful woman. There were about half a dozen people in the bus. The bus stopped at another hotel on the way to Capilano after I got on it and then headed straight for the park. Unfortunately the rain was getting heavier and heavier. I could hardly see anything from the window because of the pelting downpour. The driver tried to cheer the passengers up and said, “Well…it might stop raining by the time the bus arrives there. Let’s see what will happen!”バンクーバー2014 073

     But there was no sign of the rain stopping when we arrived. “…and we have a restaurant over there…uh…it’ll open at 11:30 though…Oh, there’s also a café. They have hot coffee and sandwiches, you know, and so on. Don’t forget to get a free poncho at the information counter. Have a good time!” The driver dropped off the passengers smiling. But the weather was quite the contrary to her radiant attitude. I set foot on the parking lot in the pouring rain. バンクーバー2014 076

     “Are you a BC resident?” I could not understand what the lady at the ticket booth meant for a second. She seemed to be asking whether I lived in the Province of British Columbia. So, I replied, “No.” She did not say anything about her previous question but the fee, “$30.19.” The usual admission fee is $31.95 in the low season (it seems to be $35.95 plus tax now!), but they discounted 10% because of the weather. I checked out why she had asked if I was a citizen of the province later. If you are a BC resident, you can get annual pass at the same price. バンクーバー2014 085

     When I passed the gate, I was surrounded by comical looking First Nations’ wooden sculptures. I greeted them and stepped forward. Then that famous structure appeared in front of me: Capilano Suspension Bridge. It is the longest (140m) and the highest (70m) suspension bridge in the world. I saw some tourists in the same yellow ponchos swaying ahead. I took a step gingerly onto the wobbly board. It was my first time to walk on such an unsteady thing. Amazingly I wasn’t fazed at all. It was nice to hear the sound of rain and the river current in the middle of the bridge. I felt as if I was melting in the rain and becoming a part of the canyon. バンクーバー2014 077

     After exploring a few trails, I decided to go back to the town because I was drenched and felt cold. Besides, I was hungry. I thought about having some coffee at the cafe in the park, but I did not see anyone there. So, I returned my poncho and went outside. Luckily the bus came soon. It took about 20 minutes to Lonsdale Quay. While riding the bus, it almost stopped raining…L Q 1

     You can get on a ship called SeaBus at Lonsdale Quay and then go downtown easily. It takes about 15 minutes, and the ship departs every 15 minutes. Before hopping on the ship, I decided to have brunch at Lonsdale Quay Market. There are more than 80 shops and restaurants in the market. You can buy vegetables, spices, cheeses, cake breads, accessories, book, Canadian souvenirs, beer…etc. I had a delicious chicken panino with coffee there. It seemed to stop raining while was enjoying a leisurely time…L Q 2



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