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Scene Voice



      “Why don’t you enjoy films with only the sound?” I decided to take the class interested in the words. Enjoying movies with only the sound means seeing them without the images? What does it mean? I opened the door without any advanced knowledge about the class for the second period at Aichi Summer Seminar. https://moshimoshimo.wordpress.com/2010/07/31/bangladeshi-curry-class/

      The class’s teachers are members of Voice Cane, which is a volunteer group of adding voice guidance to movies for visually impaired people. The members are not only physically unimpaired people but also the visually-challenged, and one of the teachers that day was a woman who had lost her eye sights.      At the class, participants wore the eye masks and saw a movie first. Well, we couldn’t “see” it with the eye masks, actually. We listened to the film with voice guidance. It sounded like a radio drama. We needed the information between actors’ lines to understand what was happening on the screen.  After experiencing to just hear the sound of the movie without images, we “saw” the film without the eye mask, checking the special script, which had the voice guidance.

The script looked like this:

VG: An iron tower. A bar is protruding from the middle of the tower
and a human body is  hanged down from there.
SE: (Squeal)
SE: (Police Cruisers’ siren)
VG: It is raining. At the bottom of the iron tower, a man’s body is
       laying on the stretcher. There were many police officers and
       coroners in plastic rain coats.
Miura: How terrible!
Itami: I think I know this man…
Serizawa: Yeah. This is Takaom Nakajima. He was an anchorman of
               News Square at Central TV. You know, he just quit it last year…
Itami: Oh, yeah?
Serizawa: Don’t you see news programs?
Itami: What is the cause of the death?
Yonezawa: Dead of asphyxiation from strangulation.
                 Probably he was throttled with something corded from behind.
Serizawa: I’m wondering how the criminal hanged him at such a high place…
Yonezawa: An electric winch was found over there. I think even a person
                 can hang him with it and the pulley.
VG: A detective is coming to the winch.
Itami: Did the criminal hang him with this? To such a high place?
VG: Itami in the white raincoat with hood looked up the iron tower
        in the heavy rain.


     A visually challenged person, who is a member of Voice Cane, talked about her and the activities of making voice guidance. Her story was really interesting. She told us how shocked and sad she felt when she lost her eye sights and entertainment of visual culture, and how happy she became when she found she could enjoy movies again with voice guidance.      The participants of the class tried to make an original script for the visually impaired people while watching a scene of a film. It’s really difficult to add suitable and clear information in very short time between actors’ lines. There was much information on the screen, and we wanted to tell as many as possible about it. We, however, didn’t time for all of them.     I’d thought visual culture is only for people who can see it until I took the class. But I was wrong. There were many high school students among the participants. Some of them tried to do voice guidance as watching the movie. They did good job. I think it’s wonderful that many young people to know about and get interested in the volunteer activates for disabled people.