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Play It Again, D! : A wonderful class party with nice friends, delicious food and beautiful music.


casablanca      “Again!?” D exclaimed rolling his eyes, but began playing the piano. The room was filled with the beautiful melody. As Time Goes By. This music is well known for the theme music of the timeless classic “Casablanca” starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. TS3N1169-a

     This is Jin’s house. He invited his classmates and teacher when the class in the first semester was over. We had a class party there. (I’ve written about our previous class party at his house before and mentioned how big his house is. http://wp.me/p16bjt-bp) Jin is very nice and kind, and needless to say, generous.  TS3N1170

     We enjoyed talking over delicious food, such as, hand-rolled sushi with fresh seafood and vegetables, most of which were raised by Jin and his wife K in their field, and K’s wonderful okonomi-yaki. K had baked cake for us, but no one could eat it at the place because all of us ate too much before it. By the time we had finished our ice cream and jellies, no one had room for the cake… (Of course, we took it out home.) TS3N1171

     I wrote “classmates” and “teacher” above. Jin and most of the participants at the party took an English class at a university in the first semester (spring and summer), and D is the “teacher”. Play-It-Again-Sam_3

     The class is not a usual conversational class, but quite unusual with movies, which we watch with media literacy, psychology and philosophy. In the first semester, we studied with “Casablanca” and a kind of its travesty “Play It Again, Sam” and a Warner Brothers’ cartoon “Carrotblanca”.   ShowImage

     “Casablanca” is, as we all know, a great film released in 1942. “Play It Again, Sam” is a comedy of Woody Allen in 1972, and the title is derived from the famous line of Ingrid Bergman as Ilsa in “Casablanca”. Actually she said, “Play it once, Sam,” in the movie. “Carrotblanca” is a cartoon of Warner Brothers’ in 1995. The role of Bogart is Bugs Bunny and Bergman is Penelope Pussycat. The punch line of Bugs Bunny is, “Here’s looking at you, Kit.” As you see, it’s a parody of Bogart’s famous line of “Casablanca”: “Here’s looking at you, kid.”

     In the opening of D’s “Again?” is, of course, from non-existent line “Play it again, Sam.” As Time Goes By played by Sam in “Casablanca” is wonderful, but I like D’s version, too. Nice and cheerful friends and delicious food and wonderful music…I hope we’ll have a party at Jin’s house AGAIN!