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A Spanish Dinner Party on St. Valentine’s Day: Happy Birthdy to Me!



     “I’m going to have a Spanish dinner party at home on February 14th. Why don’t you come?” One day in February, Takako kindly invited me. She had come back to Japan last year after living in Spain for about 25 years as an interpreter. She and I met in an English class last September. She told me that she was going to invite other classmates and our teacher, Michael, to the party. I said, “Yes!” right away. stv4

     I went to Takako’s house with Hisako. When Hisako and I arrived, Akiko was already there and was helping Takako with the preparation. There was a lot of delicious-looking food on the table. Akiko showed me a wine bottle with a big smile and said, “This wine is really nice!” Wow! It looks like it will be a great party!stv3

     Another friend of mine, Sue was going to pick up Michael, the teacher, in her car, but they didn’t show up by the time when they were supposed to come. When Takako, Akiko, Hisako and I started to worry about them, Sue phoned Takako and said, “Michael is not here! I gave his phone a few calls and left messages, but he hasn’t called me back yet! What shall I do?” We couldn’t do anything but said to her, “Could you wait for him for a while, please? We’ll also try to get in touch with him!”

     That’s why I also tried to call Michael several times, but the phone just said, “The phone stv1number you called is now disconnected.” So, I tried sending messages on Facebook. But he didn’t write back…We began to imagine some terrible things, such as Michael had collapsed at his apartment and was losing his consciousness, or he had had a heart attack and was suffering alone…or it was over and he had finally died…

     I gave Sue a phone call after a while. She had been waiting for Michael for nearly 30 minutes. “Thank you, Sue! We’ll give up on him! Come to Takako’s house!” When Sue arrived, we started the party. We were enjoying the nice wine and lots of delicious food, and then I noticed the blue light was flashing on my phone. I hastily checked it and found a message from Michael who said “Help!”stv5

     Actually, his phone’s battery had died, not Michael himself…We were relieved to know that. According to him, he was waiting for Sue at their rendezvous point for about 20 minutes, and then his phone died…So, he had gone to charge it at a convenience store…A hobgoblin or something might have gotten in the way of their meeting…Anyway, we made a toast when Michael arrived. In fact, this time they sang Happy Birthday for me! February 14th is my birthday!stv6

     Takako cooked paella for us. It was brilliant! Sue had baked a birthday cake for me, which was also fantastic! Actually, she baked one last year, too! Thank you so much, Sue! I love you! She entertained us by playing the flute, too. I had a really good time with my friends on my special day! Thank you for throwing such a great party, Takako!

A Class Party: I don’t wanna wake up!


TS3N1022      “Are there no delicious desserts, tea, and even my friends here? Am I now sleeping somewhere outside and having a wonderful dream? If so, I don’t wanna wake up! I understand Cipher’s feelings!” I shouted when I was enjoying having wonderful ice-cream, cake, jellies with tea and chattering with the participants at a party the other day.

     I take an English class at a university, but the course this academic year was over last month. Some of my classmates and our teacher had a party after the final class. Jin, a friend of mine, invited all of us to his house this time. TS3N1021

     Jin’s residence is so spacious that I always joke, “I’ve heard that people are sometimes found as mummies in his house,” or “There’re bus stops in the corridor at his house and you have to take a bus to go to the bathroom.” In fact, one of the rooms has more than nine dining tables and looks like a restaurant or a banquet hall. 

     Incredibly, the participants at the party moved to table to table for tea, dinner, and dessert. That is, we sat at a table and had some tea when we arrived at his house, after having some small talks we moved to another table for dinner, and then we went to another table for dessert! Jin’s wife had prepared for tea, dinner, and dessert on each table before we arrived. In doing so, she didn’t need to walk around in the big room during the party. TS3N1017

     By the way, at the English class of the university, we used The Matrix as learning material this time. Yes, it’s a film released about 10 years ago. Actually, what I wrote at the beginning above is derived from a line in the movie, “There is no spoon.”

     “There is no spoon.” is what Neo, played by Keanu Reeves in the film, says to himself at the scene when he is going to rescue one of his fellows to overcome fear. Actually, the line appears before the scene in the movie. Neo sees a boy sitting on the floor holding a spoon. The boy stares at the spoon. Then the spoon starts bend over and quickly springs back to its original shape. The child looks up at Neo and hands him the spoon.

Boy: Do not try and bend the spoon. That’s impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth.

Neo: What truth?

Boy: There is no spoon.

Neo: There is no spoon?

Boy: Then you’ll see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself. TS3N1029

     In the film, The Matrix, people believe that they have normal daily lives, but the truth is that they are sleeping in each capsule and having dreams. The world is no longer human-beings’. The computer controls everything, and it uses humans’ bio-energy as its batteries.

     But our teacher at the class tells us that it’s not only in the film, but also all of us are just having a dream. According to him, nothing you see means anything, and everything has no meaning. So, one day I asked him, “Is this class also meaningless?” during the class. He replied, “Yes!” with a big smile. I think I understand his theory, but, yeah, it has no meaning.TS3N1014

     I had a wonderful time at the party. I really enjoyed talking to my friends over delicious food, and even listening to our teacher play the piano and some flutes. But the teacher said, “This is just a dream.” Do you believe you’re just sleeping? Yeah, we seldom realize we’re dreaming….There’s no blog here. There’s no PC before you….



The Matrix Complete Trilogy

New Year Party at Mairo



     Have you ever heard of a “participatory bakery”? I know one. It’s Mairo! The bakery shop is very small, but has big potential. They have had many interesting events, especially costume parties in the fall, on Halloween, and on Christmas. This time they had a New Year Party on 23. I, of course, took part in it.

   Their parties have always themes. This time, the New Year Party’s theme was “Japanese-style”. The bakery staffers and most participants wore something Japanese. I put on an old Japanese pattern vest and an accessory.


       Japanese people used to write letters which express New Year or their New Year’s resolution with brush and ink on January first. So did the participants this time.



   We kneaded dough for dumplings together and made oshiruko, or red bean drink. That was fun! Of course, the oshiruko was very nice!



    Lots of delicious foods and drinks. Chattering with friends and playing games together. I had a really wonderful time!

About One Month Earlier Halloween Costume Party at Mairo


     Accio friends!

     There was a costume party again at Mairo last Sunday. Isn’t it earlier for Halloween? Yes, it is. The title of the party was About One Month Earlier Halloween Costume Party! That was really exciting! 仮装16

     Mairo is a bakery café near my apartment. They hold many events, and had the first costume party last June. They had the second one because the first one was really heated up. (  https://moshimoshimo.wordpress.com/2009/06/22/the-costume-party-at-mair/) I was able to have fun with my friends and to make many new friends this time as well! TS3N0055

     It’s a bit difficult to express the party with words…so…look at photos! I hope you’ll join us next time!









MAIRO (Cafe & Bakery)
Address: 2-1112, Umemorizaka, Meito-ku, Nagoya
TEL: 090-6098-0160
Webpage: http://www.k2.dion.ne.jp/~bluerose/index.htm