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Belated Happy New Year!


TS3N1010     Belated Happy New Year!

     This is my first journal this year. It’s been cold in Japan since around Christmas holidays. Actually we had much snow in Nagoya area several days ago. It was also snowing on New Year’s Day when I went to Tokyo to spend holidays with my family. Luckily Shinkansen wasn’t running so late that day, and I didn’t need to wait for the train that long in the cold weather. TS3N1011

     Actually, the train wasn’t crowded at all. I didn’t reserve, but I was able to find vacant seats easily. It might be because I used Hikari instead of Nozomi that day. Both are names of Shinkansen, or bullet train. Hikari stops at more stations and takes longer to arrive at Tokyo terminal from Nagoya than Nozomi. But it has five unreserved cars; on the other hand, Nozomi has three. Anyway, I went to Tokyo in the relaxing empty car.   TS3N1012

     In Tokyo, I met my relatives, enjoyed talking to them over osechi, or traditional New Year’s food, and visited a Shinto shrine with some of them. I had restful holidays there. I wish you the best of luck throughout this year!





New Year Party at Mairo



     Have you ever heard of a “participatory bakery”? I know one. It’s Mairo! The bakery shop is very small, but has big potential. They have had many interesting events, especially costume parties in the fall, on Halloween, and on Christmas. This time they had a New Year Party on 23. I, of course, took part in it.

   Their parties have always themes. This time, the New Year Party’s theme was “Japanese-style”. The bakery staffers and most participants wore something Japanese. I put on an old Japanese pattern vest and an accessory.


       Japanese people used to write letters which express New Year or their New Year’s resolution with brush and ink on January first. So did the participants this time.



   We kneaded dough for dumplings together and made oshiruko, or red bean drink. That was fun! Of course, the oshiruko was very nice!



    Lots of delicious foods and drinks. Chattering with friends and playing games together. I had a really wonderful time!