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Meets Organic Market in Minato: Could you tell me what their business is and what the musical instrument is?




     It was really cold on November 18. I had to do Tai Chi as a performance with my teacher and some of my friends before children and their parents at an elementary school in Meito-ku, Nagoya in the morning. So, I was wearing a special T-shirt for the event and black satin kung-fu pants. After the event, I put on a fleecy hoodie, an insulated jacket, and windbreaker pants on them, and then went to Minato-ku for another event. There, the outfits like me, I mean, wearing nylon or polyester things, were minority…

     Most people in the event were wearing wool or cotton clothing. Many of them were also wearing knitted caps and long stoles. Interestingly, those people’s costumes were earthy colored and sloppy…オーガニック3

     I was in an event called “Meets Organic Market” held at Chukyo TV Housing Center in Minato-ku. Probably people who are interested in organic things do not like petroleum products. I am also interested in organic or/and natural things, but I have many petroleum-derived things such as fleece, nylon, and polyester clothes as well. オーガニック5

     There were more than 30 booths of foods and clothing in the event. Of course, all of the clothing stalls were selling only cotton or wool products, and all food stands had just organic things. I bought a sandwich with soy ham, a vegetable curry, and a brown rice soup for lunch, and had a cup of coffee after the meal. I felt like becoming healthier with those organic things. My body seemed to be happy. You know, I often eat processed food with lots of additive stuff…オーガニック2

      Suddenly music started while I was sipping the coffee. Two men were playing the strange-looking instruments when I looked at the direction of the sound. One was playing the double-neck guitar and another one was playing the stringed instrument with something mixture of plectrums and sticks. オーガニック6

     Those musicians’ booth had nothing to sell when I arrived at the event. There was a board with “Sold Out” written on it on their stand. It seems that they were selling bread…but I am not sure…What did they sell? What was that musical instrument? オーガニック7

     The next organic market is held on December 16 at the same place. Why don’t you go to the event? And could you tell me what their business is and what the musical instrument is?