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Japan’s Local Foods Specialty Store: Adventures by the name of "Retreat"



      “The shop owner has gathered what he likes through traveling across Japan. Why don’t you drop by our specialty store?” I found an interesting-looking insert in the newspaper and went to the shop “Retreat” on December 1st.

     “Retreat” is located near Shiogama-guchi in Tempaku-ku, next to a Komeda coffee shop on the first floor of an apartment building. You might pass without noticing the existence because it is very small and indistinctive. The landmark is the Komeda coffee shop next door. If you find the café and see the name board saying “Retreat” at the next-door shop, yes, you can enter the specialty store.リトリート2

     Entering the shop, you will be welcomed by many local foods from all over Japan. The owner has traveled throughout Japan and purchased only foods he liked during the journeys from Hokkaido in the north and to Kyushu in the south. There are not only merchandise but photos the owner has taken in his travels on the shelves. I felt like I was traveling while being in the store.リトリート3

     The owner and the staffers are very friendly. I enjoyed talking with them. You can try some foods in the shop and have some coffee or tea. The owner told me when I visited that he was going to start lunch service soon. So many people must enjoy having lunch and talking to those cheerful people by now. Why don’t you go to the shop to look for something delicious and to talk about travels with the staff and other customers?リトリート5



100 Domei-cho, Tempaku-ku. Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
Map: http://goo.gl/maps/S2z3D

Tel: 052-848-8791