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A Stormy Fireworks Display



     When was the last time I wrote here? What? September 26?! Mmm…I haven’t posted anything for such a long time except for the annual report…My last article is about events which happened last July and September 11th. Okay, let’s go back to last September…

     It was raining hard on September 15. A big typhoon was getting closer to my area. There were not only heavy rains but also strong winds outside. A fireworks display was planned in my neighborhood that evening, but of course, many people including me had given it up.

     But I thought I heard something big bangs faraway around 6:30 in the evening. Then I opened the window and looked outside. The wind and rain seemed to ease a little. Then a big bright flower opened in the air before me. Wow! A firework!

     Actually the event was supposed to start at 7:00 p.m., but they began before the time. They seemed to decide to set off all of the fireworks while the weather was lulling. You know, once fireworks get wet, they will never be used. If they hadn’t fired them off, they would have had to throw them away. And it would be very difficult and cost a lot.

     Around 7:00, when was the originally scheduled time, the weather was getting worse. They seemed to fire the rest of the fireworks at once…The stormy night sky was filled with countless bright lights and glowed with loud blasts for a short time. And then the town was steeped in darkness in a moment.

     They fired all of the fireworks off in 30 minutes though it would take two hours for the event in a normal situation. I stood there looking at the dark sky for a while despite of the bad weather because the last one minute was spectacular. I felt like the summer had gone with the fireworks display while hearing the roar of the typhoon…


A Wonderful Firework Display Turn to Sad News: Mayor apologized for cancellation of using a firework made in Fukushima.



      “Oh, I didn’t know that…,” I murmured when I saw the newspaper next morning. There quite shocking news was on the page. It was about a firework display on 18 in Nisshin next to Nagoya. The news made me sad because I had had a nice time at the event without knowing anything on the night before…

     According to the article, the planning committee for the firework display and officer of the city government in Nisshin had been going to use a firework made in Fukushima for promoting reconstruction support to the devastated area, however they had decided not to use it on the eve of the event because some citizens protested against using it for worrying about the effect of radiation.


     As the news spread, there was a big uproar all this country next day. Nisshin is called “city”, actually it’s a town of 85,000 people. In fact, there had been just about 20 objections to using the fireworks made in Fukushima before the event, but the city office received more than 3,000 angry phone calls objecting to the city decision to cancel the Fukushima’s firework after that.

     Of course, the protest was not only phone calls to the city hall but also enormous posting messages on the Internet. I was shocked at some of them: “I knew the people in Aichi Prefecture were cruel and couldn’t feel someone’s pain before this!”; “Nisshin just spread harmful rumors that all of things from Fukushima are dangerous!”. TS3N1231

     After this series of protests, Mayer Hagino visited Kawamata-cho in Fukushima and apologized to the small town and the firework maker for the cancelation.

     I understand the people’s fear for the radioactive contamination. They were afraid because they were not informed anything. The city should have tested radiation level on the firework and announced the result officially: There’s no need to worry for the radiation. The maker is in Fukushima, but it’s far from the radioactive affected area, and their fireworks have been inside of the building. The radiation level of the firework we are using at the event is as low as nature. nisshin

     I also understand feelings of protesters on Nisshin’s cancellation of using the firework in Fukushima. Japan’s people have seen lots of tragic scenes since March 11, and many of them have been supporting victims and the devastated areas in diverse ways. This event discouraged both of victims and supporters sadly…But I sometimes wonder where protesters’ anger is at…

     Some protesters just take out their anger on someone or something they happen to find. That is, their anger is not at the incident. I mean, in this case, people made a protest against Nisshin’s decision not to use Fukushima’s firework, but I’m wondering if some of them have own problems within and just released their anger on officials in the city office, taking the occasion under anonymity…

     All the more this issue is sad because the fireworks were really beautiful in the end-of-summer sky…