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Good-bye, Ricky…I’d like to see you after improving my English skills someday!



      It was snowing on December 18th. If I had had nothing to do, I would have avoided going outside in the heavy snow. But that day was special for me. In the morning my private English teacher Ricky was supposed to introduce me to a friend of his as another teacher before he left Japan. In the afternoon I was going to have a farewell party for him, and in the evening I was going to attend his band’s last gig. Therefore I went to the café in spite of the snow. It usually takes about 30 minutes to the place by bus, but it took me nearly one hour to get there due to the snow that morning.ricky2

     Ricky and I were at Komeda, a famous chain of coffee shops in Nagoya. We talked about many things, looking out the window at the snowflakes, sipping hot coffee and eating some toast and boiled eggs from their “Morning Service.” Most coffee shops in the Nagoya area have this “Morning Service” and give you some food for the cost of a cup of coffee in the morning. After a while, Ricky’s friend Anthony joined us. I was relieved to meet him because he looked very gentle and friendly. ricky3

     Then we went to a friend of mine, Hisako’s house, where Ricky’s farewell party was supposed to be held. It had stopped snowing by the time we arrived at her place. Unfortunately, most of my friends decided not to attend the party because of the snow, but two of them came. To tell you the truth, I would have liked to have a much bigger party for Ricky! But the small party was very nice and cozy with Hisako’s cordial homemade dishes.ricky4

     Around two o’clock, Anthony and Ricky left Hisako’s place. Anthony had to go to his school, and Ricky needed to prepare for that evening’s concert. I went home after clearing up after the party, and then went to Juke★Box, the music studio, in the evening. They have a party room and you can have a small party and a concert there. Ricky’s band “Los Tres” usually rehearsed at the studio. In fact, I myself often practice playing the drums there. ricky5

     Los Tres was a rockabilly band consisting of three musicians: Ricky, the vocalist and the keyboardist, Antonio, the vocalist and the guitarist, and Sally Fat, the bassist. The name Sally sounds female, but he is a man. I had wondered what the band would do after Ricky left Japan, and was shocked to know that they would disband. Antonio was also going back to his home in Spain soon! Not only me but also the staff at the studio were surprised at the sad news. So they served many kinds of food and drinks for free as a farewell.ricky6

     The concert was fantastic! Ricky, Antonio, Sally Fat and the drummer played energetically and their music fascinated the audience. Anthony came to the party after his job during the interval. “Oh, we have the same name!” After Anthony and Antonio greeted each other, Anthony borrowed Antonio’s guitar and sang a few songs. That was also great! I had a wonderful time, but the end of the party meant I had to bid farewell to Ricky… Good-bye, Ricky. Thank you for your lessons. I don’t know when I can see you next time, but I’d like to see you after improving my English skills someday!


Yu-chan’s Farewell


TS3N0812     Yu-chan, how have you been? Have you already got used to your new life in the U.K?

     Yu-chan is a young graduate student. She had played a role as the leader of the English Conversation Club until last month since the first leader has gone to the U.S . She’s gone to the U.K to study peace and conflict studies at a university. Actually, I’d never heard of the subject until I met her, and I haven’t understood what the hell it is yet, to be honest.

     There was a farewell party for her at the end of last month at Elephant’s Nest, the British style pub, in Fushimi. I haven’t heard from her since then. I’m wondering what she is doing by now, whether she’s already began going to the university or has tried to visit some real pubs in the U.K.

     Yu-chan and I met first at a conversation club at an English language school last year. We had a nice chat because she is so nice and friendly. But we didn’t have many opportunities to see each other after that. Probably two or three times, I think. I was a daily class student and she came to school at night and weekends. TS3N0818

     I, maybe I guess she also, thought we’d have some chances to meet at the school the last time we met at the school, but we couldn’t. The language school went bankrupt and closed suddenly year ago last October. I went to the school on the very closing day although I hadn’t already been a student there. Then I met her there again.

     Actually, one of my ex-classmates was also there, and he and Yu-chan decided to start a conversation club, where anyone could join and practice speaking English for free. Many students lost their school, but some of them never gave up and tried to find the way for a new place where they could keep studying. And I was also invited to the club. Lucky!

     It seems that we sometimes look and sound weird because people all of whom look like Japanese speak English at cafes. In fact, one day when we spoke English at a Starbucks near Nagoya Station, a white male, who had been sitting next to us, addressed us before leaving, “You sound weird because you are talking in English in spite of that all of you are Japanese!!” things in fluent Japanese, smiling. TS3N0821

     To tell the truth, we felt self-conscious about speaking English next to him. He wasn’t sitting alone. Actually, he was teaching English a woman at the place. You know, there are many English schools send their teachers for having lessons on a one-to-one basis at cafes. The man added, “Keep up studying English!!” in Japanese, and left, waving.

     As a sad memory, one woman came to us and said, “I don’t know you’re studying or something, but this place is not for studying or chatting. This is for eating!” when we were talking at a Kentucky Fried Chicken in Sakae. She looked really upset and stormed off. Maybe we talked up a storm about romances or something…She might be on a bad day…

     We’ve kept the conversation club for almost one year. During this time, our conversation sent many our companies away abroad, mainly to the U.S and U.K. I hope we’ll be keep having this club until at least Yu-chan comes back to Japan. I look forward to hearing from her about her life and many interesting episodes in England.