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Sisay at Airport-Walk



     An Ecuadorian band named Sisay came to Airport-Walk, which used to be an international airport of Nagoya district but it’s now a big shopping complex, that day. I’ve been a fan of Sisay since I first met them at EXPO in 2005. So I knew they would appear on the stage of the former airport by their mail magazine.  HI352544

     They had three stages that day: the first one started at 1:00 p.m., the second one at 3:00, and the last one at 5:00. I saw the first and the second stages. There were already many fans of Sisay in front of the stage when I arrived there around noon. I found a space where I could see their performance upstairs because all the seats had already been occupied. 

     The stage was beside the food court. So, not only Sisay fans but also many people who didn’t know about the band were gathering the place to see their performance. There were five musicians that day. Actually I’m not sure how many members are in Sisay! According to the announcement, they’ll have a big concert played by their 15 members next January. Wow! It’ll be exciting!HI352548

     Sisay’s music started. All people were clapping. Many of them were dancing. One concert was only 30 minutes, but their performance drew the people enough. The last music was Moliendo Café. The song is well-known in Japan as well, though the lyrics are totally different from the original one.

     All the audience near the stage were clapping and dancing together. Of course, I did! That day, Sisay must have made many new fans through their performance.  HI352550

     By the way, Airport-Walk is located at the former international airport as I said above. It’s very easy to access there from Nagoya Station. The bus takes you just 20 minutes or so to the shopping mall before Midland Square at Nagoya Station.

     The former airport is now a big shopping complex, which has a movie theater, a big grocery store, and about 135 shops and restaurants. The domestic airport is still next to the building. So you can see many planes there. There are many remainders of its old time airport in the place, such as its information counter. Anyway, I had a great time there to see and listen to Sisay’s wonderful music performance that day.