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Jeff Woodger Exhibition – Postmodern Landscape


jeff 2010

     “Jeff! You’ve come back to Japan!” I was very surprised to run into him at M and J’s Birthday party (https://moshimoshimo.wordpress.com/2010/03/28/birthday-bash/) last January.

      “He” is Jeff Woodger, who is a painter with a doctor degree. I met him first at a prefectural nature park named Kaisho-no-mori one year ago (https://moshimoshimo.wordpress.com/2009/05/02/kaisho-no-mori-forest-in-seto/), and then had an interesting opportunity to take his lecture at University of Nagoya and to see his exhibition last spring (https://moshimoshimo.wordpress.com/2009/06/05/catholic-samur…ure-exhibition/).TS3N0664.jpg-a     

      Actually, I’d almost forgotten about him until meeting him by chance at the party because we hadn’t been in touch with each other since his exhibition last May. Jeff announced his new exhibition with his usual nice smile at the party. He’d promised me to send the invitation there, but I bumped into him again in the underground street in Sakae before receiving the card several days later. TS3N0665.jpg-a      
     In the card, he was wearing a medieval costume with painting tools. The exhibition title was “Postmodern Landscape – Installation view: Painting and Drawing”, and was held at Daikokuya Gallery, in Sakae from March 31 to April 6.  TS3N0666    

     I’d asked some of my friends to see the exhibition and went together on the first day. Daikokuya Gallery is a great little place above a Japanese sweet shop in Sakae. The wall was covered with red paper and Jeff’s paintings were on display there. There were no big paintings this time because of the space, but were small landscape paintings in oil at the exhibition. Half of them were European landscapes, such as Italian and French, and half Japanese. TS3N0667     

     I loved a cityscape of Kanayma, which is a place in Nagoya, but unfortunately, it was not for sale. I also liked a scenic image of Tsushima, but I didn’t buy it because I was wondering whether it was a little bit too big for my room. Each of his paintings has stories and dramas. People must be imagining a story freely while seeing his piece. I feel like becoming a character in the scene whenever I look at his paintings. I’m looking forward to running into him and to seeing his exhibition somewhere again.