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Furokai and Aichi Irrigation Canal, and Dr. Obitsu’s Speech


aichi yosui       “I virtually killed them. If I hadn’t begun this project, these people wouldn’t have been dead…” It penetrated me when a professor at Nagoya University quoted a man named Shotaro Kuno. That was one of speeches for the ceremony for the 50th anniversary of Furokai at Nagoya Citizen Hall in Kanayama on November 15th. Actually, I hadn’t known the event was organized by the institute or anything about the group until the ceremony began. I went see Dr. Ryoichi Obitsu speak there.

Dr. Obitsu is famous for an advocate for holistic medicine and a maverick from Japan’s medical world. One day I found an advertisement for the lecture on the newspaper and applied for it. On the article, his name was emphasized with his photo, but the organization name was just written with very small letters down there. I had seen the name of Furokai on the paper indeed, but I had had no idea about the group until I heard of speeches at the event. I’m going to write about the speech of Dr. Obitsu later, but first I’d like to introduce the organization.

Furokai is a judicial foundation for body donation. It was established by Mr. Shotaro Kuno in 1962. He was the originator of developing Aichi Irrigation Canal. He and his friend Mr. Tatsuo Hamajima made a suggestion for the irrigation canal for facilitating agricultural development in Chita Peninsula, Aichi Prefecture, and the canal was completed in 1961.

The quality of life in Chita area was improved by the Aichi Irrigation Canal, but 56 workers died by the completion. When five people died by the accident during the bypass-tunnel work, Mr. Kuno groveled in the dirt at the place in great sorrow and said the opening line. After that he prayed for the causalities every day, but never could relax his mind.

One day, Mr. Kuno had a chance to spill his suffering heart to the university president of Nagoya University, Dr. Seizo Katsunuma. Dr. Katsunuma said to him, “We need teach anatomy to train doctors, but we don’t have enough bodies for it at the medical department. How about devoting your life to the movement of body donation?” Mr. Kuno signed up for the list of the donation immediately, and was saved by the action. It is the start of Furokai.

So, did I become a member of Furokai? Actually, I can’t. Over the age of 60 people can enter the group…

Now, this is the summary of Dr. Obitsu’s speech: Our body has a kind of field of life. Its energy is life. When the life force goes down somehow, the field of life works and makes the body recovered. That is the natural healing ability. It’s not only human has. It exists in all of the fields of life. The earth is one of life. Recently the earth’s natural healing ability and life force have been going down. That’s why we have to face lots of terrible natural disasters. We have to boost up not only the field of life of ours but also of the earth. Every living thing dies one day. But the death is not the end. It’s a new start. We should enhance our energy to the new world. The death is the energy’s burst. If you live the day as the last day for your life, everything looks bright.