The “Type One” Classes Reunion: Long time no see! We haven’t talked before, though…


“Umm…Who are they?”
“Check your yearbook!”

CAM00216-a   It was at the beginning of June when I communicated with the organizer of the reunion via text messages. T-chan, the party organizer, planned the meeting this time and invited me. He sent me the list of the prospective participants, but I did not know half of them.

     There was a big high school reunion last year. It was an official one for former students who entered the school in the fifth, fifteenth, twenty-fifth, thirtieth, and thirty-fourth years from the school’s foundation. It seems that about 200 graduates attended the party. I received the invitation, but unfortunately I could not make it. T-chan joined the reunion and had a really good time there. Then he decided to have small reunions every year. So he organized the party at the end of last month, but this time he invited just people who had been in the “Type One” classes.

     The Type One…I had forgotten the word completely until I saw the word in his message. My school used to be separated into four: The Type One, Two, Three, and Four. The Type One was classes for students who were planning to major in liberal arts in private colleges, Type Two, liberal arts in national and public ones, Type Three, math and science in private, and Type Four, math and science in national and public. T-chan and I were in one of the Type One classes. He found out at the big reunion last year that the Type Two people often met after graduation, and wanted to have a party with former students of the Type One, like the Type Two.CAM00229-a

     Okay…the yearbook….the yearbook?! Where is it? I searched my apartment, but could not find it. It may be in my mother’s place… When I found the dusty album with the faded spine in a paper bag in a corner of my mother’s house, I could not help feeling nostalgic. I was very surprised when I opened the photo book. I could not remember my principal at all. Moreover, most of the teachers looked younger than I had thought… “Were they so young?! Actually, my homeroom teacher passed away in his 20s. I was shocked when I heard the news. It was because he departed at such a young age and I had believed he was in his 50s…

     I found my own picture soon, and then T-chan and another boy N-kun on the same page. But I could not find the others easily. At least, I was able to know the others had not been in the same class…It seemed I had never talked to them…

     “Actually I can’t tell the restaurant name because I don’t know how to read the Chinese characters. One represents ‘fish’ and ‘existence’ and the other ‘horse’ and ‘to be’. I hope all of you will find the restaurant. Let’s meet there at 6:00 ! See you tomorrow!”

     I received such a terrible text message from T-chan the night before the party. Great! The party organizer cannot tell the meeting place correctly! I began solving the puzzle, anyway. It must be a character of ‘tuna’ made from ‘fish’ and ‘existence,’ and ‘speedy’ from ‘horse’ and ‘to be.’ But I did not know how to read the restaurant’s name. Nevertheless, I was able to get the answer soon on the Internet. Luckily all the participants came to the sushi restaurant named ‘Ichi’ the next day.

     “Long time no seeeeeeee! Well…we haven’t talked before…right?”

     We graduated from the same high school in the same year. But I did not know half of the participants. So, we started with a self-introduction. T-chan was in Class 1 and belonged to the kendo club, N-kun, Class 1, and the tennis club, M-kun, Class 2, and the badminton club, Y-chan, Class 2, and the swimming club, K-chan, Class 3, and also the swimming club, and I, Class 1, and the chorus club.

     “The chorus club?! Did our school have a chorus club?!” All of them shouted. Yes, it did…it was a small club…and no longer exists, though…After the self-introduction, we had animated conversations looking through a yearbook that T-chan had brought to the party. Lots of forgotten memories were reawakened for us. All of us did not know each other, but spent the same time at the same place. So, we had many things to talk together. I had a wonderful time and made old and new friends!

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