Kinshachi Plate @ Aichi Gakuin University Meijo Koen Capmus: Why don’t you eat a castle?


“How was the lunch?”CAM00206
“It was nice.”
“Did you go upstairs?”
“I had lunch on the first floor. I didn’t know there’s another cafeteria on the second floor.”
“There’s a café named Saru-Café on the second floor.”
“Oh, really? Okay, I’ll try the café next time!”

     When a friend of mine and I walked by the information booth of Aichi Gakuin University’s Meijo Koen Campus, a guard came and talked to us. Actually, we had talked before going to the school cafeteria. CAM00207

     I took a Chinese exercise class near Meijo (-Koen) Park last Thursday. After the class, the friend and I went to Aichi Gakuin University’s Meijo Koen Campus nearby. When we were looking at the map on the wall of the information booth, the guard came to tell us how to get to the cafeteria.

     The cafeteria had two types of lunch special: Today’s Lunch and Today’s Domburi. Domburi means a bowl or a bowl of rice with other food on top. My friend decided to have Today’s Lunch, and I, Today’s Domburi.

     I was overwhelmed by the appearance of Today’s Domburi: “Kinshachi Plate.” It was a baguette sandwich with two fried prawns dressed with tartar sauce on top of a rice omelet with demiglace sauce. kinshachi plate

     This dish was a represenation of Nagoya Castle. Kinshachi means golden shachi(-hoko). Shachihoko is a fish-shaped ornament decorating the top of the roof and a kind of charm against fire. Nagoya is famous for the castle and the roof ornament. That is, the rice omelet represents the building of the castle, and the bread the roof, the fried prawns, Kinshachi. Funny!

     It was a little difficult to eat, but the Kinshachi Plate was very nice. The lunch was only 500 yen with a cup of soup and a salad. Today’s Lunch had soup and cost 450 yen. CAM00204

     The Meijo Koen Campus of Aichi Gakuin University just opened this April. The public can use its cafeteria except from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. According to the guard, there is a café upstairs. How about dropping by the cafeteria when you come to or near Meijo (-Koen) Park or Nagoya Castle? It is a few-minute-walk from the exit 2 of Meijokoen Subway Station.


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  1. I’m an American living in Kita-ku and I’ve had a difficult time finding Tai Chi classes nearby. Can you share any information about the classes that are held near Meijo Koen?

    • Hi cblane,
      Thank you for your message.

      My school is called “Yang-Ming Shi Tai Chi” and is a little bit different from Chinese Simplified Tai Chi. (The 24 forms are the same, though.) Yang-Ming Shi Tai Chi has Aichi Prefecture branch office:

      I myslef am doing Tai Chi at the extension course of Aichi Shukutoku University in Hoshigaoka.

      In the website of Aichi branch office, you can find classes. Here’s the page of classes in Kita-ku:

      According to the page, there’s a class in Aichi-ken Sports Kaikan (1-3-35 Meijo, Kita-ku, Nagoya)

      These are not near Meijo-koen, but you can join them freely.
      (For example, at Tsurumai Koen Park, or Heiwa Koen Park, and so on.)

      If it’s difficult to read the web pages or contact them in Japanese, I’ll help you. When (days of the week and the time) is it convenient for you to do Tai Chi?

      This is not our school, but you can learn Chinese Tai Chi from Chinese teachers in Mainichi Cultural Center near Nagoya Sta.

      BTW, the Chinese exercise class I took near Meijo Koen the other day was not Tai Chi. In addition, the class is basically held in Higashi-sakura Kaikan near Shin-Sakae. When we cannot use any rooms at Higahi-Sakura Kaikan, we use Seishonen-Koryu Plaza near Meijo Koen instead. Don’t you happen to know Chris Bond? He’s a master of Tai Chi.

      • Thank you so much. For now the only time I have is early morning. I have a brother who studies Wudang kungfu in the US. Last time I was there he recommended that I learn Tai Chi as a good routine for helping avoid problems with my back (I broke a vertebrae last year). He showed me just enough while I was visiting to get me interested… in other words, I am very much a beginner.

      • Hi cblane,

        I hope you still have a solid body here in hot and humid Nagoya! I’ve already started melting…
        Oh, you’ve broken a vertebrae! (Actually I looked up the difficult word!) Are you okay now?

        Early morning…In Kitaku, there’s a class at Aichi Prefectural Sport Center on Saturaday morning (at 9:15) :

        Not near Meijo Park, but in Showa-ku you can join their practices for free . They do Tai Chi every morning (6:45 ~ 7: 30). In Kawahara Jinja (Shrine) :

        There are people who do Tai Chi in Heiwa Koen Park every Sunday morning (10:00~). You can join them for free. They actually practice here (Japanese):

        And some do in Tsurumai Koen Park on the second Sunday (10:00~) :
        Of course, you can join them for free.

        Many of those who do Tai Chi in the open air are teachers. They’ll teach you. And you might ask where to learn. It might be good to try first from those free practices, I think.

        What days of the week and what time can you attend classes? If you want to belong to a class, let me know.

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