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Happy Birthday to Me! : Thank you so much for celebrating my birthday, Friends!


     As you know, though you might not know, my birthday is St. Valentine’s Day. Many of my friends remember my birthday and celebrate me every year. Moreover, this year’s one was particular. One of my friends, Midori, treated me at a Hawaiian café! Another friend, Rosario, came to my apartment and fixed special lunch for me! And another one, Sue, baked a cake for me! Of course, other friends gave me wonderful presents and sent special messages, too! What a lucky person I am!

     That was on January 28. Midori asked me where I wanted to go for lunch when she picked me up. She celebrated my birthday a little bit earlier. I replied promptly, “I wanna go to Mahalo Café!” Actually, I don’t…can’t drive a car…The Hawaiian café is located in an inconvenient place to access from my apartment by public transportation. So, I requested the restaurant.

     Mahalo Café’s specialty is pancakes. Midori had pancakes with smoke salmon salad, and I had cured ham salad one, which was excellent. The restaurant was not so crowded. We chatted over delicious lunch in a comfortable atmosphere. I had a great time! Thanks, Mirodi-chan!

     In the morning of February 13, I had a Chinese exercise class. I take the class with two of my friends: Michiyo and Yukiko. Unfortunately Yukiko had something to do in the afternoon and couldn’t come, but Michiyo came to my apartment after the class. Rosario was supposed to treat me and Michiyo with Peruvian cuisine at my place.

     Firstly, Rosario made a cocktail called Pisco sour, which is drunk in special occasions, such as birthday party and wedding ceremonies, in Peru. I don’t think it’s easy to buy Pisco in Japan. Rosario brought everything from her house for the special lunch, even a rice-cooker and a shaker! Cheers!bd3

     Secondly, she made “papa a la hunakina”, and then served “poyo al horno” with turmeric rice. Of course, both of them were divine! Actually, she had prepared even dessert! She had baked cake! That was fantastic! I had a wonderful time! Muchas gracias, Rosario!

     On February 18, I took a Tai Chi class in the morning, and then had an English class in the afternoon. The surprise happened soon after the English class finished. Sue appeared in the classroom (she was taking an Italian class or something in another place that day) with her homemade cake for me! Wow! The cake was delicious, of course! Thank you, Sue-chan! And many thanks for celebrating my birthday, Friends!bd2 bd1