Happy Halloween and a Healthy Newborn Baby!: Do you know Japanese people love to party?


As you know, Japan is not a Christian country. Nevertheless, most of the Japanese celebrate Christmas, and recently many of them have become enjoying Halloween as well without understanding the essence. Actually I’m one of them…

     Not only Christmas and Halloween but also many cultural things are used commercially in this country, and ironically many people including me like to get in on the crazes! You might have thought Japanese people are shy and quiet. Well, in a way, you’re right. But interestingly they also love to party!

     There was a Halloween party at Mairo, the bakery store, near my apartment last October 26. Actually, the shop holds a Halloween party every year, and I take part in all of them…But this time it was not only to enjoy disguising themselves for the participants but also to celebrate the debut day for a newborn baby of the baker.

     I was able to meet the angel and many of my friends there. We had a wonderful time over delicious food, beer, wine, spirits like vodka, and jack-o’-lantern-shaped cake. I suppose no one was thinking about Celtic or Christian cultures during the party. But I think it’s okay if many people can drive off their gloom in unusual costumes with their friends over delicious food and drink even though they don’t understand the meanings of the original event.

     I appreciate the bakery to have had such a wonderful party and wish the baby a promising future!

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