Nagoya Dome Yakimono World 2012: Is that him?


dome 3

     Is that him?

     I was in Nagoya Dome, the indoor baseball field in Nagoya, for an event named “Dome Yakimono World” on November 17. Yakimono means ceramic in English. It is an annual event and has more than 300 booths in which not only ceramic wares but also other table wares such as glass and plastic products and Japanese lacquer wares are sold. Actually there are some food stalls also in the site.

     I had not had lunch yet when I arrived at the dome. So, I decided to buy something to eat and drink at the site first. Kiyomi Yano, a radio personality, was talking on the stage when I passed through the stands to go down the field. She said, “Do you want to listen to music? Okay, it’s time for music, then.” While I was buying some food for lunch, a singer began singing. I thought, “He’s a very good singer…” when I was going back to the seats to have lunch. Then I was very surprised at seeing him singing on the stage. dome 4

     “Is that him?” I could not believe my eyes. The singer who was singing on the stage with a guitar was the former vocalist of a rock band called J-Walk (JAYWALK): Koichi Nakamura. Of course, he is a very good singer. And of course, the singer must have been him. He is the radio personality’s husband. Why was I surprised at his performance? Because he vanished from the limelight two years ago. Actually, he was arrested using narcotics in 2010 and got a two-year-jail sentence. He did not need to go to prison because of probation, but he decided to go silent for two years that he deserved to be in jail. dome 1

     His songs after a long interval were excellent. I was very happy to see him singing and to listen to his songs. I felt lucky because I had not expected being able to listen to his voice at the event. It was also nice to see him and his wife look happy. Kiyomi said to his husband after his performance, “Take all those things away! You know, no one does for you anymore!” It was a bit self-deprecating, but was funny. I enjoyed their performance on stage over my lunch. dome 2

     The show was over, and my lunch also was over. I left the stands and went to the main area. Japan is a small island but it has many kinds of clay, and each area has their own unique ceramic cultures. It was very interesting to see those differences and to talk to shop owners or ceramic artists about their works. This flog is Pierre. According to the artist’s husband (The man is also a ceramicist. Unfortunately his wife was sick in bed and could not come to the event.), Pierre is from France…Of course, it is a fantasy. He cost 50,000 yen…It was too expensive and big to take him home to me…dome 5

     I bought a coffee cup and a saucer in which violets were painted at this booth for my mother. She loves violets. I was able to listen to Koichi Nakamura’s wonderful songs, to see many beautiful and interesting things, to talk to many people, and to buy a nice set of cup and saucer for my mother at the event. I had a great time!

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