Kakuohzan Fall Festival 2012: Why don’t you explore in the eclectic mix world of the old and the new ?


     Do you know there is an interesting place named Kakuohzan, which has eclectic mix of old and new things, in  Nagoya? There is a temple called Nittaiji enshrining real Buddha’s ash in the area. Nittaiji Temple gathers many believers, especially senior citizens, and therefore there are old-fashioned shops such as a Japanese sandal shop and a rice cracker shop in the approach. But nowadays many of those old shops are closed because of aging of keepers and their buildings.

     However, those closed shops have not remained in being closed for a long time. Most of the old shops have been reborn as cafés, restaurants, bakeries, import goods shops, a convenience store, a cheese shops, a tea house, accessory shops, pottery shops…etc. So many young people also come to Kakuohzan. But the young generations in the area do not just wait for customers. They organize some events to attract people as well. One of their events is Kakuohzan Fall Festival.

     The fall festival was held on November 3 and 4 this year, and I went there on 4. It was a lovely day. I arrived at the festival around noon, when many people were enjoying street food. In Kakuohzan’s festivals, you can try many kinds of delicious foods like curry, pastas, cheese fondue, cake, yakisoba (fried noodles), fried chickens…Oh, I’m getting hungry…

    In Japan’s usually festivals, there are just food stalls and game booths. But in Kakuohzan many art creators and crafters also have stands. The festival has an aspect of a creators’ exhibition. Paintings, photos, potteries, glass arts, steel works, woodworks…etc. Looking those things around is, of course, interesting, but talking to the creators about their works is more interesting. I had a wonderful time on a warm autumn day. Why don’t you explore in the eclectic mix world of the old and the new?

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