Happy Halloween! : A small party at a small tavarn in a small bakery


mairo 1

“What? Are you having a party? It’s tomorrow night, right?”

     I was surprised at a sudden announcement about a Halloween party. I found the info at facebook on the night before that Mairo was having a Halloween party on October 26. Mairo is a tiny bakery near my apartment and it sometimes holds interesting events such as Halloween parties. But I didn’t think they would have a Halloween party this year because I knew the baker was expecting and she was having a tough time in the early months of pregnancy. mairo 2

      So, I sent messages to my friends to take part in the party together right away. Actually it takes much time to decide on what to wear or/and to become, and to prepare costumes for joining a Halloween party not only for me but also others. I always make my own costumes, but I did not have that time this year. That is why I decided to become a zombie this time because I did not need to prepare an elaborate costume.mairo 3

     It is just a 20-minute walk from my apartment to the baker. But I did not think I should walk for the party. You know, I was wearing a terrible zombie make-up…blacken and bloodied face and sunken eyes…I did not want to scare someone on a dark street at night…What if someone would have a heart attack because of my appearance? So, I asked a friend of mine to pick me up. I prayed not to meet anyone but the friend before getting to the bread shop when I left my apartment. mairo 4

     I pressed the elevator button and waited it. It came up and the door opened. I was relieved to see no one there. When I got into the elevator, it started going down. I hope I won’t see anyone…The door opened on the first floor and a woman was about to get it in, and then she gasped at the sight of me. “Ah…good evening…” I said that and got off the elevator quickly…Halloween has become very popular in Japan as well but many people, especially senior citizens, don’t have a clue about it even now. mairo 5

     My friend had not arrived yet when I went outside from my apartment building. He was surprised when I got in his car saying, “I didn’t think you were waiting outside. Didn’t you see anyone?” I moaned and replied, “Yes, I did!!!*+%&#×÷★☆!!!” mairo 6

     When we entered the shop, the expectant baker, her sister, a new baker, and a woman welcomed us jubilantly. “Wow! What a scary! Thank you for coming!” Actually, Mairo, the bakery, changes to a tavern on Friday night. So, the last woman is the tavern’s shop master. The participants in the Halloween party bought their drinks and foods at the bar counter. We hoped someone came to the tavern without knowing about the Halloween party because we wanted to surprise them with our scary-looking make-ups and costumes. But only party-goers showed up at that time. Of course, we enjoyed ourselves having delicious foods and drinks and chatting. We also enjoyed taking photos , posting them on facebook, and then checking them with our own cellphones right away. What an era!

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