Nagakute Art Festival 2012 #2: Autumn is the best season for art in Japan


      “Excuse me…why don’t you join our guided tour?” When I was looking at a wire art dangling from the ceiling at Bunka-no-ie, four young people talked to me with a sign board written “Gallery Tour”. There was an event named “Nagakute Art Festival” from October 20 to November 4 in Nagakute next to Nagoya. I was in one of the sites, Bunka-no-ie, on October 28. (I’ve written about other sites: “Nagakute Art Festival 2012 #1” )

     Bunka-no-ie is a multipurpose hall in Nagakute. It has some exhibition rooms, a concert hall, music studios, students’ study space, Japanese room, etc. An art exhibition was held at the whole building during the period of the event. I decided to join the tour and followed the young people. They were exhibitors. They explained not only their own works but also other presented works. 

     CAM00523At Yuko Nakatani’s place, the participants joined one of her works. We were given a lump of clay, and gave it a squeeze. Then she placed it into her work at random. She believes that he squeezed clays are energized by the people and that the art work needs the invisible power for completion. She not only exhibited some her paintings and objects but kept drawing on the window of the building during the period.  

     Look at this photo: a girl and something white. Actually the white thing is her shell. First she took a cast of her whole body. Second she made a plaster figure of herself by the mold. Third she made a pattern. Finally she made herself with the pattern like sewing a dress. Hmm…it is difficult to understand contemporary art…But it is fun! 

     These mysterious creatures were created by Roko Shirohzu. One of the guides told me that she is a wife of a Buddhist priest and their temple in Toyota is filled with her works…Oh, I’d love to visit the temple once! 

     There were so many art works at Bunka-no-ie. I enjoyed myself seeing many beautiful and/or interesting works and talking to some artists there. In Japan people say, “Autumn is the best season for art.” Why don’t you go to art museums or paint or create something this fall?


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