The Tai Chi Training Camp in Toyohashi, 2012 #2: Just liberate your body and mind, and enjoy doing Tai Chi!


(“The Tai Chi Training Camp in Toyohashi, 2012 #1: Let’s enjoy Tai Chi!” is here: 

    Next morning I got up at five in the morning to join the morning practice staring at 6:30. I was almost a zombie in such an early morning, but by the time when we finished practicing I felt alive and was hungry. It’s good to be alive! The participants were divided into two groups for the breakfast because it was difficult to have a meal for over 300 people once. My friends and I were in the first group. So I was able to fulfill my stomach soon after the exercise. 

     After breakfast, there was an examination for becoming Tai Chi masters. The number of the test-takers was more than 60. They were divided into two and took the trial. They must have been nervous. The audience also felt the tension in the air. All of the examinees passed the test and have become Tai Chi masters. Congratulations! The closing of the event was the performance by teachers. Their Tai Chi was elegant and dynamic, and of course beautiful in a fluid motion.

     What I was impressed the most is an episode Master Kay Yang had told us and her comment about that. When she was younger, she had to be shot her performance of Tai Chi for a DVD. The white floor, the white wall, and the glaring strong white light in the studio. She lost herself and did not know what she was doing in the situation. When she noticed, she made a mistake with an action. So, she asked Master Yang Ming-Shi to retake. But he did not admit her request. He said, “You can’t redo Tai Chi again. Your performance shows you at the moment. The single Tai Chi performance has a special meaning. So, it is okay if you make a mistake or not.” 

     Ms. Kay Yang said that she couldn’t understand her master’s words but couldn’t help but obeying to him at that time. After the DVD was released, many viewers and students bombarded her questions about her error, and she had a terrible time. But she said, “Now I understand my master’s meaning.” The most important is not to do Tai Chi like a programmed robot, but is to feel comfortable and to relax while performing. You don’t need to think about the angles of your elbows or hands while doing Tai Chi. You just liberate your body and mind and enjoy the moment while doing Tai Chi. I’m glad to have been in the training camp because I think I got a glimpse of the essence of Tai Chi this time. 


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