Handicraft Fair in Nagoya 2012: Shouldn’t I have bought this from you?


CAM00017      “Ah…Can I see the bag one last time? Oh…Oh…” The bag maker said that and stared at “my” bag fondly and sadly. There is an event called Handicraft Fair in Fukiage Hall every June and I look forward to buy a bag from Yukako, the bag maker, at her booth each year. I just bought the bag from her.

     So, I asked her, “Um…Shouldn’t I have bought this from you?” She replied hastily, “Oh, yes, yes! I’m very happy to sell the bag, but it took really a long time and very hard for me to complete it. I may not be able to create a better one than that…Please take good care of it…” She almost started to cry. I promised her to visit her booth with the bag next year.   CAM00010_2

     I see her have made every effort to make the bag, which is an achievement of her painstaking craftsmanship. Now this bag is my favorite. It was about four years ago when I met her and her bags for the first time at the event. I remembered I was very surprised at her works and liked them instantly at that time. I have bought one bag every year since then. It has become my main purpose to visit her booth and to purchase a bag there at the annual event. CAM00016

     There are more than 150 companies and creators at Handicraft Fair every time. According to the organizer, the event gathers about 30,000 people. You can buy materials such as fabric and yean balls and handicrafts, and try to make something with instructors. So, many people including children were enjoying doing fancywork and shopping this year, too. I walked and looked around the booths and bought two pieces of cloth there. I wonder what I shall make with them… CAM00111

     I felt fulfilled by getting a wonderful bag and seeing many interesting things and happy people at the event. Why don’t you go to Handicraft Fair with me next year?


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  1. Hi. I’m trying to arrange an interesting tour for some people in Nagoya on July 22nd. I see that you know a lot about the city and have been a guide before. I’d like to talk with you about what’s possible if you’re available. Thanks!

    • Thank you for the comment, Michael. Yeah, I’ve been a guide “once”. That was in a guide-training class and “the tourists” were other classmates and hired non-Japanese! At that time, the tour place was Nagoya Castle. All the students had decided the place to explain, and my part was the castle tower. That is, I just guided the small part of Nagoya Castle and that was all my experience as a guide…So, I’ve never been a “real” guide before…I may not respond to your expectations…Sorry…But I know some people of AGGN (Aichi Goodwill Guides Network http://www.aggn.jp/). I’ll introduce them if you like. Let me know if there’s anything I can do for you. 🙂

    • Hi Michael, have you decided where to go in Nagoya? How about going to see the sumo tornament? July 22nd is the final day. So, all advance and reservation tickets are sold out, but you may be able to buy today’s tickets. If you couldn’t, you’d see many sumo wrestlers around Aichi Prefectural Gym and enjoy the atmosphere. Aichi Prefectural Gym is next to Nagoya Castle. If you’re planning to take the people to the castle, why don’t you drop by the gym? I hope you and your friends have a great time in your tour!

  2. Sorry for the delay! Yes, I’d like to meet someone for a 1-hour tour of the castle on July 22nd from 11am~12:00. We’ll be going to the sumo tournament after that. Do you know someone who could be a good guide? Please email me directly and we can figure it out! Thanks.

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