An Anti-Violence Campaign: We’ll keep on fighting until they give up!


chinichi      “We’ll keep on fighting until they give up!” shouted the leader of our lawyer team and got applause. That was the ending of a big meeting against a Japanese gang group last month. There is a “rumor” that a henchman of the leader of one of the biggest Japan’s gang group is going to build a mansion for his boss in my neighborhood. Although I wrote “rumor” above, most of my neighbors, many politicians, Japan’s media and the police regard it as “truth” and are taking actions. There were more than 600 participants in the meeting: many people from my neighbors, lawyers, officers from Aichi Prefectural Police and the district police, and some of Nagoya City and Aichi Prefectural assembly members. The meeting was held for increasing our cooperative spirit and for showing it to the gangsters. TS3N0176

     About four years ago, some anonymous letters arrived at core members of this district that a man who was in mainly sexual oriented business on a large scale was going to build a big house for Kenichi Shinoda aka Shinobu Tsukasa, the 6th leader of Yamaguchi-gumi crime syndicate, in the area, and then people became to understand the problem. In the meantime, Nagoya City gave the man a building permission, and Ichiken, a constructor based in Tokyo, contracted for the construction without knowing the client was deeply linked to the biggest Japanese mafia. If this went on, the construction would begin. Citizens rose up against it and started a protest movement. 6月7日携帯 155

     If nothing had happened, the mansion for the mafia leader would have already been completed and the place would have been filled with gangsters coming from all over Japan to visit their boss by now. Luckily, however, the construction has not even started yet. Ichiken, the construction company, realized the seriousness of the situation and asked for the cancellation of contract. Of course, the man did not accept it and sued the building company in Tokyo district. The case is still now in dispute, and the order for construction has not come into yet. But there is a high possibility to issue a permit for the construction because the man insists on building his own house, not for the leader of the mafia.6月7日携帯 154-a

     However, we still have a chance to stop the problem. The man who is going to build a house in my neighborhood is not a regular member of the syndicate, but his deep relationship to Kodo-kai, the biggest group in Yamaguichi-gumi, has been revealed recently, and he had been arrested and imprisoned many times for his involvement in some crimes related to the mafia group since he bought the land, though he had denied any link with Japanese gang groups. If the court admits the construction company’s cancellation with penalty, the house would not been build for a while. But it does not mean the end. We have to combat against this issue until the man gives up building a house for his boss and sells the land, and the land is bought by someone totally unrelated to gangsters. The leader of our layer group concluded, “We hope the land is bought by Nagoya City or Aichi Prefecture.”


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