Aichi Greenery Center in Toyota: A good place for thinking about wasteful uses of tax money in its artificial nature.



      This place might flourish once…I thought that when I saw some abandoned booths and buildings in the site. I was in Aichi Greenery Center in Toyota on one day in June.6月7日携帯 134

     Aichi Greenery Center opened in 1976. It is about 2.6 hectares in area and separated into some gardens such as Australian Garden and Japanese Garden. I had wanted to go to the place once for a long time since I heard of the existence. I had imagined that many wonderful gardens with beautiful flowers and trees, and that myself who came back refreshed from there. 6月7日携帯 135

     Yes. In a sense, the place was beautiful. But I felt something was wrong there. There were few people in the vast park. I didn’t see any families enjoying their holiday. There is a park near my apartment, and it is always filled with families, who are playing sports, eating lunch, or lying on the lawn. However I just saw a man who was buying a drink at a vending machine, a woman who was walking her dog, and two staffers there. TS3N0162

     No one visits, but the gardens are cared neatly. I felt I was in a film set because the place was too immaculate probably. I didn’t hear any human voices but heard birds singing. I thought it was interesting that the collaboration between artificial nature and nature. TS3N0164

     As I wrote in the beginning, I think the park might be filled with many people at one time. I saw many unused facilities. Those inactive buildings were creating an aura of deserted place with the spick-and-span gardens. I left the place earlier and came back unrefreshed to Nagoya…

     Well, you may not want to go to the site after reading above at all, but it might be a nice place for meditation or thinking about wasteful uses of tax money without any interruption…


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  1. Sounds like a marketing problem rather than a problem of wasting tax Yen. I wish I’d known about this place when I was in Japan. I would have gone there every weekend to get away from all the people!

    Hope you’re well, Hiroko. I enjoy following your blog.

    • John! How have you beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen? I’m very happy to hear from you! Yes, you’re right. They should advertise their park more. I just thought it was a waste of money for operating the vast area of land and its facilities which no one uses when I visited the place. We should use this extensive park more. Luckily you can enter the park for free! Thank you for the comment!

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