The 19th M&P’s Afternoon Tea Concert: violin and piano cocert with delisious tea and cake and cucumber sadwiches.


TS3N1389      “Welcome back!” The concert finished with Paul’s greeting and the afternoon tea party started. It was the 19th M&P’s Tea’s Afternoon Tea Concert at Yamano Hall in Nisshin on November 26th. The reason why Paul, the president of M&P’ Tea, said “Welcome back!” to audience was because the concert had been supposed to begin at 2:00 p.m. but it actually started two hours later.

     The cab driver drove me around 1:45 to the concert place. I began climbing up the steps outside to the entrance when a woman asked me, “Did you come here for the tea concert?” So, I replied, “Yes.” Then she said, “It seems they have a trouble. You should ask those people the situation over there.” I turned around and saw Paul and some people talking to a driver in a car on the road. TS3N1388

     After I walked to those people and asked what was happening, I found out that the concert place had been double-booked. I got the info that the tea concert would start at 4 o’clock for free, when I saw the cab which I had taken to the place coming. The driver was changing the direction for return in the parking lot while I was talking to other people. I dashed to the car and stopped it, shouting “Wait, Driver!”TS3N1395

     Actually, I had made a reservation for a clinic at five. I had planned to go there after the concert. Yamano Hall is inconveniently located. So, I needed a cab for going back home or to the clinic from the place. I jumped in the backseat of the car and said, “Start the car, Driver. I haven’t known where I’m going yet.” The driver rolled his eyes because the costumer who had just got off the car got it on again. TS3N1398

     In the backseat, I was busy. I needed to change the reservation at the clinic and to cancel another taxi for return from the concert hall on the phone. I was about to call the clinic, my phone rang. It was a friend of mine. She also just knew what was happening to the concert. She was in the same situation and had been going to the dentist after the event. Luckily, I was able to change the reservation at the clinic and to go there right away. So, I directed the driver to head for Shiogamaguchi, saying “Do you know where Shiogamaguchi is?” The driver just came from Hokkaido. TS3N1396

     After all the fuss, I went back to the concert hall before 4 o’clock. The concert was a violin and piano concerto. The violinist is Japanese but came from Switzerland that day. They played Prelude and Allegro, Fair Rosmarin, Love’s Sorrow (those three numbers were by Kreisler), Salut D’amour by Elgar, Dance Russe by Stravinsky, and Sonata for Piano and Violin in A major by Frank. Classical music is not my line, but I liked the powerful performance of the two players. I really enjoyed the concert.TS3N1397

     To the truth, my main purpose to be there was the afternoon tea party after the concert. I love Paul’s homemade cucumber sandwiches! I looked forward to having them with M&P’s Tea’s wonderful tea. Scones with cream and jelly were also delicious. I saw some of my friends there and enjoyed talking to them over tea and cake. I had a really great time. I’m looking forward to the 20th anniversary concert soon!TS3N1399

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