A Wonderful Firework Display Turn to Sad News: Mayor apologized for cancellation of using a firework made in Fukushima.



      “Oh, I didn’t know that…,” I murmured when I saw the newspaper next morning. There quite shocking news was on the page. It was about a firework display on 18 in Nisshin next to Nagoya. The news made me sad because I had had a nice time at the event without knowing anything on the night before…

     According to the article, the planning committee for the firework display and officer of the city government in Nisshin had been going to use a firework made in Fukushima for promoting reconstruction support to the devastated area, however they had decided not to use it on the eve of the event because some citizens protested against using it for worrying about the effect of radiation.


     As the news spread, there was a big uproar all this country next day. Nisshin is called “city”, actually it’s a town of 85,000 people. In fact, there had been just about 20 objections to using the fireworks made in Fukushima before the event, but the city office received more than 3,000 angry phone calls objecting to the city decision to cancel the Fukushima’s firework after that.

     Of course, the protest was not only phone calls to the city hall but also enormous posting messages on the Internet. I was shocked at some of them: “I knew the people in Aichi Prefecture were cruel and couldn’t feel someone’s pain before this!”; “Nisshin just spread harmful rumors that all of things from Fukushima are dangerous!”. TS3N1231

     After this series of protests, Mayer Hagino visited Kawamata-cho in Fukushima and apologized to the small town and the firework maker for the cancelation.

     I understand the people’s fear for the radioactive contamination. They were afraid because they were not informed anything. The city should have tested radiation level on the firework and announced the result officially: There’s no need to worry for the radiation. The maker is in Fukushima, but it’s far from the radioactive affected area, and their fireworks have been inside of the building. The radiation level of the firework we are using at the event is as low as nature. nisshin

     I also understand feelings of protesters on Nisshin’s cancellation of using the firework in Fukushima. Japan’s people have seen lots of tragic scenes since March 11, and many of them have been supporting victims and the devastated areas in diverse ways. This event discouraged both of victims and supporters sadly…But I sometimes wonder where protesters’ anger is at…

     Some protesters just take out their anger on someone or something they happen to find. That is, their anger is not at the incident. I mean, in this case, people made a protest against Nisshin’s decision not to use Fukushima’s firework, but I’m wondering if some of them have own problems within and just released their anger on officials in the city office, taking the occasion under anonymity…

     All the more this issue is sad because the fireworks were really beautiful in the end-of-summer sky…


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  1. Thank you for your article. I think something else needs to be said. The Japanese govt has sent radioactive waste to every prefecture in Japan.This radiative waste may be bured or burned. This is because they have no plan and no way to deal with the radioactivity. But this is irresponsible. The waste will contaminate every area of Japan. At the same time they have not strictly controlled the radiation in the food, and as the crisis is still continuing, we can expect different kinds of radiation to remain and increase. As Koide and Kodama and other scientists say there is danger from internal radiation as well as external.

    The media focuses on this issue, and the problem is lack of information by the citizens about the more serious dangers. But the media are totally silent on the issue of nuclear waste spread throughout Japan. It may be that the best place is to bury ALL the waste in Fukushima. The people of Fukushima are victims twice because the govt refuses to evacuate people outside the exclusion zone even if the radiation levels are high. The govt makes it seem like people who refuse to eatr Fukushima vegetables arfe causing the p trouble, but the real problem is Keisansho and TEPCO who committed the crime of building a reactor near fault zones, who have faked reports on safety before. They are not held responsible for their crimes. In any case, the people of Fukushima are not told much info, they had their food contaminated by TEPCO and the givt will not take responsibility for them. They need relocation, new jobs, support, community rebuilding in new areas. And then the waste problem needs to be dealt with scientifically, which does not mean sending it all over Japan.

    We need to point fingers at the true criminals. The over reaction of the people at the inclusion of fireworks is sad, but it is understandable.

    Just as the media made Hachiro look bad because he said the area was a town of death (which it is), the media here is attacking the wrong people. Hachiro reportedly was more anti nuclear and the people in TEPCO/Keisansho, Jiji press, etc who are trying to promote the nuclear industry are creating disinformation to make it look like the problem is people misunderstanding the danger of fireworks or people refusing to buy vegetables.

    Now the pro nuclear forces are attacking Yamamoto Taro because he helped to occupy the prefectural govt offices of Saga to protest the dangerous condiations at GENKAI. We have to watch out for these people who try to cover up the crimes of KEISANSHO and TEPCO and hope to restart nuclear power…..These are the real criminals and these people should not be allowed to control the media the way they do,

    Thanks as always for your blog!

    • Thank you for your comment, Paul. The prime minister has changed but, lots of matters are still here in Japan, and our situation hasn’t changed at all. Mr. Noda said beautiful things, but there seem to be few concrete plans in them…

      As you said, it’s a big pending problem to handle radioactive waste. Not only debris in the nuclear power plants and the devastated area but also sludge in towns…even very small things like autumn fallen leaves…Just burn? No way! Ah…ironically, the government has “no way”…and is spreading contaminated air all over Japan…how terrible…I agree with you. We should build thick concrete containers or something under the ground in Fukushima to deal with radioactive waste, and the area should be under the control of the government.

      This accident made wonderful farming and fishing areas a “town of death” and hurt and is still hurting many people and will hurt more people in the future. The problems are not only for humans. It’s threatening ecosystem. Media and public bashed the former disaster minister because he had expressed Fukushima a “town of death”, but as you said, Japan’s media is attacking wrong people. They’re just replacing problems with something else…

      The previous minister and the mayor in Nisshin might hurt victims in Fukushima indeed, but who made this situation foremost? People who overreact to those problems have, as I mentioned on my blog, must have their own problems and attack others to release their anger in the name of justice…I think many Japanese people are kind of sick mentally…
      Now what we should do is not to find scapegoat, but to find some good measures to handle problems of radioactive contamination and move into action as soon as possible.

      Thank you again for your comment!

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