Handcraft Fair in Nagoya 2011: Can you find the enchanted bag shop?


TS3N1146      “Gotcha! What a nice bag! Yeah, of course! Cause I made it!” She said that approaching with a smile.

     There was an annual event named Handcraft Fair in Fukiage, Nagoya at the end of June. I was waiting for her, the bag maker, at her booth. I found it out from more than 150 booths at last when she was not there. A woman next booth called out to and told me that she was coming back soon. So, I was looking at her new bags on the wall while waiting. TS3N1145

     I turned around and saw her smiling at me. “Long time no see! I can’t believe one year has already passed since I bought this bag from you! I’m bringing it to show you. I really like it!” I said that when she beamed. She remembered when we had met at her booth last year and told me my t-shirt I had worn at that time would transform wonderful bags. TS3N1144

     While we were talking, the bag maker’s booth was filled with ladies. One of them asked her since when she had begun having a booth at the event. She replied, “Well…this is the fourth year, I think.” I was surprised to the answer because I thought she started last year. I hadn’t been able to find or see her booth until last year in spite of that I came to the event more than five times. In fact, the lady who asked to her was also surprised because it was the first time to find her booth in her over ten-time participations in the event. So, we talked this booth might be enchanted and chosen people could find it. Yeah, her bags are really awesome! She must make them with some magic!TS3N1186

     Look at these lovely bags! I bought the two of them this year because I don’t know when and where I can see her bags next time. She doesn’t have a shop or consign her works or sell them online. I really like my bags and admire her talent. I’m looking forward to see her and her new works at Handcraft Fair next year. But I’m wondering if I can find her magical booth next time, too…

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