Save Japan: I Wish I Could Use Magic! Popopopon!


     The situation is getting worse and worse after the greatest earthquake, which hit Japan on March 11, on record. According to the National Police Agency, as of 10 o’clock in the morning of the 29th, the number of dead is 11.063, missing is 18.321, and people taking shelter is over 181.000. Miyagi prefecture has 6744 deaths, the greatest number of dead, and has a large amount of rubbles which is equivalent to its quantity of refuse of 23 years.

     Plutonium has been detected in the ground of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, which means fuel rod failure clearly. Some bodies found within 10 km of the facility cannot be retrieved because they are contaminated with high level of radiation. Fields and water sources are also radiation-polluted. Many people can’t use the tap water and either sell or buy vegetables, fruits, and milk in Kanto area. Tokyo Electric Power Company hasn’t been able to control its nuclear reactors yet…

     Ibaraki and Chiba prefectures have suffered from liquefaction damage. A lot of people cannot use either the tap water or sewerage still now because the liquefaction phenomenon has destroyed pipes underground. So, some of them cannot use the gas, either. Tokyo Disney Land is in Chiba prefecture and they have no prospects for restarting. Its vast parking lot has become rough and been covered sand spewed from the earth. In addition, they need a great amount of electric power, but now power has been cut because of the huge trouble of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant.

     Because of all the gloom, most of the companies in Japan have stopped advertising on TV. So, all the commercial TV stations have aired spots made by AC (Advertising Council Japan) instead of usual CMs. Recently AC has released some new spots made after the quake because many people complained about same ones repeated over again and again, but before that there were about five kinds. That’s why, most Japanese have been able to sing a song, and many of them sometimes must be singing the song unconsciously. It’s called “Aisatsu no maho”, or magic of greetings.


Thank you,

Magic words will bring you

Many wonderful friends,


     The song has soothed people in spited of this tragic situation… Ah! If I could use magic like this song, I would stop and cool the nuclear reactors, wipe out harmful radiation, and put everything back into place! Popopopon!


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