The 18th M&P’s Tea Concert: I’ll Miss You and Your Cucumber Sandwiches!


TS3N1042      “Yes, we’re going back soon but I’ll be returning to Japan for more Tea Concerts quite often, so no panic there.” His email said that, but I was very surprised and a kind of panicked.

     The sender is Mr. Paul Lewis, the president of M&P’s Tea. Who taught me the loveliness of a cup of tea was him… He not only sells tea leaves but also has concerts. I didn’t know that he was going back to the U.K soon until he sent me the information of the 18th M&P’s Tea Concert. Actually, I seldom see him unless he has a concert or a tea seminar. So, whether he is here in Japan or not, chances to meet him for me is not so different. But it’s sad to know that you can’t see someone anytime.  TS3N1048

     The 18th M&P’s Tea Concert, as the final one before Paul’s return, was excellent. It was held at Yama-no-Hall in Nisshin as usual. The hall is located by a quiet pond with trees. It looked more beautiful that day than usual because of the snow in the morning. I enjoyed the music played by three women (flute, cello and piano). The trio played: Hungarian Dances No.2 by Brahms, Minuet “The Girl from Aries” Suite No.2 by Bizet, Sicilienne and Burlesque by Casella, The Swan by Saint-Saens, Sonata III Movement by Rachmaninoff, Dreams of Love by Liszt, Hungarian Rhapsodies No.10 by Liszt, and Trio by Kapustin.  TS3N1037

     I also enjoyed the afternoon tea party after the concert. The participants had lots of M&P’s tea and cake, scones, and Paul’s special cucumber sandwiches. I really like his sandwiches! I’ve tried to make cucumber sandwiches once, but they were totally different from Paul’s…TS3N1045

    The day, January 30th, was Michael’s birthday. So, there was a surprise for him. Suddenly someone started playing “Happy Birthday to You” on the piano amid the party and then all of the participants sang the song for him. That was heartwarming. Michael looked a little bit embarrassed, though. TS3N1046

     Paul mentioned the next Tea Concert and he was going to have it in November. I can’t see him and eat his cucumber sandwiches until then, but I can get M&P’s tea anytime on line. Of course, so can you! Their tea is the finest I know. Anyway, I’m looking forward to the next Tea Concert this fall!

M&P’s Tea:



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