The Yummy-Yummy Tako-Yaki Party


TS3N0992      Have you ever tried tako-yaki? Tako means octopus in Japanese. Tako-yaki is a golf-ball-shaped pan cake containing octopus. It’s not sweet but salty. Tako-yaki is one of the most popular snacks in Japan.

     Some of my friends and I had a tako-yaki party the other day. You need a special hot plate for making tako-yaki. A friend of mine has two ones and we enjoyed making and eating tako-yaki together. TS3N0991

     It’s nice to cook together as eating and drinking and chattering. It’s also good to eat them hot directly from the hot plate. But you should be careful not to burn inside of your mouth. Look at their shape. I melted when I was looking at the steaming cute round shape. It also melted inside my mouth when I ate one. It was quite hot, though. TS3N0990

     It seems that octopus is not eaten so much in other countries. Tako-yaki is called because it has octopus inside, but we made many tako-yaki without octopus as well. We made them with shrimps, cheese, and other foods. They were also delicious. I had a really good time at the party. I’m looking forward to having a next tako-yaki party together with my friends!




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