The Tai Chi Class Party with Gorgeous Lunch


練習風景1      I’m lazy…I learn Tai Chi in the extension center of a university, but the autumn-winter semester was over the other day…It seems that some diligent people do Tai Chi by themselves at home every day, but I don’t……TS3N0987

     After the Tai Chi course, the participants and our teachers had a party at a classroom of the university. It’s difficult to find a good place for having lunch together with all of the participants because there are more than 25 people in my class. So, we usually ask the university to use a room for the party and have catered lunch there. TS3N0985

     We enjoyed having the gorgeous catered lunch and talking to each other and then watching a few DVDs on Tai Chi together. That was a wonderful time. Spring course starts next month. I’m looking forward to seeing my classmates and doing Tai Chi together with them soon! You know, I don’t practice Tai Chi by myself!




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