Christmas Party at Talkmate: What do people do under the mistletoe on Christmas?


TS3N0963      “What do people do under the mistletoe on Christmas?” That was one of the questions at a Christmas event of Talkmate held on the 11th. Talkmate is a language school in Nagoya. Actually, I’m not a student  and have never taken any classes there. But I was in the party because a friend of mine is now taking a course at the school and she invited me to the Christmas event.TS3N0984

     Mr. Kozukuri, the head master of the language school, is very nice and kind. He allowed me to join in the party. He is not the only person who is nice and kind there. In fact, all of the teachers and the students I met at the party were really good. I enjoyed chattering with many people over delicious food. Actually, Mr. Kozukuri was cooking food and serving participants! Remember? He’s the head master!   TS3N0965

     By the way, the answer to the question of the opening is, of course, kissing. So, I raised my hand and said, “Kiss!” to the questioner at the party, and I got a prize. Ummm…probably it’s a kind of prize. The man is carrying a (maybe) goat on his shoulder. I’m wondering if the animal is dead or alive…. Well…am I lucky for getting it as the prize? Maybe…Anyway, I had a good time with many cheerful people in the cozy atmosphere.



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