Tai Chi Camp in 2010


TS3N0875      It was a fair weather! I would have liked to say that…Actually the typhoon was approaching to this area that day and I was afraid the training camp would be cancelled.

     There was an annual Tai Chi camp in Gamagori on October 30 and 31. I took part in it with two of my friends just as last year. The training camp was held by Aichi branch of Japan Health Taijiquan Association. The number of the members of Aichi branch has increased and is more than 5000 people now. So, there were near 400 participants in this camp this year! TS3N0874

     It means…there wasn’t enough space to practice together. In fact, we did Tai Chi 24-form only once during the camp…

     The participants got together in the biggest room of the hotel after check-in because it was raining and windy outside. We usually do exercises and Tai Chi together outside, but we couldn’t this time. First, Ms. Yang Kay, the daughter of Mr. Yang Ming-Shi, lectured us, and then we were separated into two groups and checked the points each.  TS3N0869

     After the lecture, participants moved to their rooms. My room had five people: two of my friends and I, and two more whom I had never met before. They came from Toyota, and the two of them are grand masters! Wow! Actually, most of the participants were grand masters or pre-masters. Our formal uniform is karate wear. Could you imagine near 400 people wearing white tops and bottoms with a black belt except about 10 people wearing T-shirts? Yes, I was among those 10 people…

     I found out that my new room mates were really nice. Amazingly, I’ve never met any nasty people who do Tai Chi, though. After introducing ourselves and enjoying chatting, we had a big feast. This time we had a small concert of mandolins and a guitar.

    The food was nice and gorgeous, but I think it was too much I cTS3N0876ouldn’t eat all and couldn’t believe to see tempura coming at the end of the feast. In addition, there was too much animal protein. We need vegetables, too! Don’t you think so? TS3N0883

     After the feast, some went to the open-air spa, some went to the small concert again, some visited friends’ rooms, and some went back to their room. I relaxed in my room and played on-line games of mixi with my cell phone. Yeah, I know, I’m a game-junky. I also enjoyed chatting with my roommates. 

     Next morning, I got up at five thirty to take part in the morning practice which started at six thirty. You know, girls need a lot of time to make up! It stopped raining miraculously during the time and we were able to do Tai Chi outside. It was cold but we had a nice time. TS3N0884

     After the practice, we had breakfast. Ah…again…too much protein…

     There was a test for becoming grand-master after the breakfast. 66 people took the exam and all of them passed it! Congratulations! They’ve become grand masters!TS3N0899

     Teachers showed their Tai Chi after the test. Their movement was elegant and smooth and so beautiful! Hmmm…I have to practice more…

     Then…too much protein again…I might go to the camp just to eat a lot this time…Anyway, I met some old friends and made some new friends there, and had a great time together with them.   TS3N0900

     After the camp was over, the two of my friends and I went to Kochu-ji Temple, where Mr. and Mrs. Sakuma live. I’ve visited there every year since Mrs. Sakuma and I met at the Tai Chi camp three years ago. Although Mr. Sakuma took part in the camp, she couldn’t because of looking after their grandchildren home this year. I was happy to see her again. TS3N0904


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