Chinese Martial Art and Tai Chi Chuan 2010


愛知大学ポスター      How generous Aichi University is! They held an event called “Chinese Martial Art and Tai Chi Chuan” on Nagoya Miyoshi campus for free on November 3rd. It was the 22nd annual event this year.

     There were four events: The 42-Form (Competition Form) Tai Chi Chuan, the 32-form Tai Chi Sword, Tai Chi Push Hands, and the 24-Form Tai Chi Chuan. I took the 24-form Tai Chi with two of my friends. Actually Tai Chi I usually do is different from that one. TS3N0921

     What I do is Yang Ming-Shi style, which was made from the 24-form Tai Chi by Mr. Yang Ming-Shi 50 years ago and has spread here in Japan. Actually it was not only me who took part in the event, but also many people who belong to Yang Ming-Shi style was there. TS3N0916

     The reason why I took the class at Aichi University because I thought I was able to learn many things through the original style and seeing other events. Amazingly, there were 150 participants in the class of the 24-form Tai Chi that day. I was very happy to know such many people love and enjoy doing Tai Chi. TS3N0912

     Not only the teacher but also many people around me taught me. I enjoyed not only doing Tai Chi but also chattering with many people there. That was wonderful. But I was really tired because I was at the gymnasium from before 9:30 in the morning to after 5:00 in the afternoon. TS3N0926

     There were performances of kung-fu by students of the university, of the 32-form Tai Chi Sword, of Tai Chi Push Hands, and the 42-form Tai Chi. Students’ movements were strenuous and energetic. It was my first time to see Tai Chi with swords. It looked really difficult, but interested me. Tai Chi Push Hands is Tai Chi played in pairs. They looked like dancing, but I know you can’t do that unless you’re an expert. I’d like to try it someday. The teacher of the 42-form Tai Chi is very beautiful. I’m a fan of her. Her movement is powerful, energetic but elegant and smooth. TS3N0927

     I’ve heard that Aichi University is going to move to the developing area of Nagoya Station soon. What will happen to the old campus including the gym? I hope they keep having the wonderful event.


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