The Host


The_Host    Why now? Why you? You’re not of my species. How can you be my partner?

     That’s Wanda’s grievous cry. She is the heroine of The Host, that Stephenie Meyer’s next book after The Twilight Saga (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn) , her great hit. Speaking of Twilight, I remember triangle relationships, but in this novel, The Host, there’s anything but mere a love triangle. It’s square! You see just three people there, though…

      Wanda (Wanderer) is an alien from outer space. Aliens attack the earth and most of human-beings are hijacked. Each alien looks like a tiny silver-colored worm. They invade the human bodies and control their brains. They call themselves “Soul” and call human-beings “Host”. Souls can’t live without hosts’ bodies, and for them host’s bodies are like vehicles. The host gets sick or injured or old, they just switch to other hosts.


     For Wanda, the earth is the ninth planet where her ninth life starts. Most Souls settle into a planet after one or two moving. But Wanda always looks for a place where she can fit in. That’s why she is called Wanderer, and it becomes her name on the earth.        Usually, the Host’s mind is pushed away into the deeper place after a Soul invades the body and eventually erased or disappears. But Wanda’s Host, Melanie, is a resistant from Earth invaders, and she never recedes. One day, Melanie almost controls her own body and leads herself to the resistance group. But she is tortured as an alien there.                                                                                                                     
     One of tortures is Melanie’s boyfriend, Jared. For him, Wanda is a kind of murder, who killed his lover. But he suffers from the situation because Wanda’s body is Melanie’s. What if the person who is standing before you looks like your loved one but her or his personality is another person’s?
      In the hideout, Wanda meets another man, Ian. He falls in love with her. He also suffers from the situation because he knows the body is Jared’s love’s and Wanda is not a human-being.

     And the most suffering person is Wanda. At first, Wanda and Melanie fight each other inside to control the brain. But they are getting linked in strange friendship. Wanda truly gets to love Ian, Melanie and other people and the Earth! So, she decides to return her body to Melanie…

         “There’s something else I’m going to ask you for, Doc. I don’t want to…I won’t be shipped off to another planet. This is my planet, it truly is. And yet, there’s really no place for me here. So…I know it might…offend some of the others. Don’t tell them if you think they won’t allow it. Lie if you have to. But I’d like to be buried by Walt and Wes. Can you do that for me? I won’t take up much space.” I smiled weakly again.
          No! Melanie was howling.
No, no, no, no…
“No, Wanda.” Doc objected, too, with a shocked expression.
          “Please, Doc,” I whispered, wincing against the protest in my head, which was getting louder. “I don’t think Wes or Walt will mind.”
          “That’s not what I meant! I can’t kill you, Wanda. Ugh! I’m so sick of death, so sick of killing my friends.” Doc’s voice caught in a sob.
          I put my hand on his thin arm, rubbed it. “People die here. It happens.”
          “What about Jared and Jamie?” Doc asked in a choked voice.
          “They’ll have Melanie. They’ll be fine.”
          Through my teeth. “Better off without me.”

     So, are you getting interested in this book? Well, I’m not going to give you away the ending. Why don’t you read it in long autumn night?

The Host   
Twilight New Moon 
Breaking Dawn 
The Twilight Saga Collection


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