Bangladeshi Curry Class



  “I have other clothes!” She yelled that and we laughed. That was one scene at a class of Bangladeshi curry…There was an interesting event named Aichi Summer Seminar the other day. It is held every summer at a private school, which rotates every year, in Aichi prefecture and anyone can teach and study what they like there. It was held at Sugiyama Jogakuen High School and the department of dentistry at Aichi Gakuin University this year, and had more than 1,400 classes.TS3N0793

   The event was on August 17, 18, and 19 this year and I took part in it on 19. I took a cooking class of Bangladeshi curry at the first period, a class of scene voice at the second period, a Chinese language class at the third period and a Tai Chi class at the fourth period that day.     
     Actually I took the same Bangladeshi curry class last year. I decided to take the class again this year because the curry had been very delicious and unforgettable. In the class, participants have to make teams for cooking together, and I found a woman who had cooked with me at the same group last summer was in my team. I was very happy to see her again and looked for a photo taken last year in my cell phone. TS3N0796

     The opening words were the woman’s when I showed her the last year’s photo. She was wearing the same shirt! What a coincidence! She was embarrassed, though our team mates and I found it interesting. We enjoyed cooking, laughing in such a good atmosphere. Of course, the curry was really delicious! We had a great time and promised to see each other at the Bangladeshi curry lass next year, too! The woman also promised to appear in the same shirt next time!TS3N0797




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