Trombone and Cello



     Have you ever listened to trombone solo? Yeah, trombone is always in an orchestra. But I’ve got a nice opportunity to go to a small concert of cello and trombone the other day, and listened to trombone solo there. The title was Trombone and Cello Waku-waku Concert. Waku-waku means exciting or interesting in Japanese. 

     A friend of mine Taeko and some of her neighbors have organized the concert at their community center in Nisshin. Actually the cellist and the trombonist are a married couple, and they have moved to the area recently.TS3N0751

     Curious to say, I know the cellist’s parents very well. Her father and I are friends through English classes, and her mother and I are also classmates of a Tai Chi class. That’s why I’ve ever seen the cellist. But it was the first time to see her husband for me.

     The concert was played by the married couple and a pianist, who is their friend. Their music was beautiful and interesting! You know, a concert of cello, trombone and piano is really rare.TS3N0752

     First, I listened to Sonata for bassoon and cello B flat major KV. 292 by W.A. Mozart. It was played by the cellist and the trombonist. Actually I don’t know the instrument of bassoon, but the trombonist played the part of the bassoon for the music. It was really interesting. Of course, beautiful, too.

     After that, they played Okuribito, which might be one of the most famous music for cello in Japan, Prelude from the Six Suites for Unaccompanied Cello by J.A. Bach, The Swan from the Carnival of the Animals by Saint-Saëns’ , and other classical and modern music. That was fantastic! TS3N0754

     Romance by Yepes is very famous for guitar, but the trombonist played it solo. That was really interesting. They played fantasia of Gershwin, too. I didn’t know the name of Gershwin, but I know all of the music they played. After the concert, I ordered some CDs of Gershwin by Amazon, but I haven’t received them yet…wonder when they’ll come…Anyway, I had a really good time at the concert.


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