Saying goodbye is never easy. There were farewell parties the other day for the person whom I had to say goodbye. One of the parties was held at a restaurant named Taste-6 near Nagoya Station, and another one was at Elephant’s Nest, the British pub in Fushimi.

     The person who had to leave Japan was an English teacher. Actually, I’ve never taken her class, but she was the academic director at an English school where I used to be. Unfortunately, the school went bankrupt last October and most of the teachers had to leave Japan because of unemployment.携帯may 116.jpg-a

     I didn’t have many opportunities to talk to her during my days at the school, but interestingly I’ve often come to see her after the bankruptcy. One of my friends has started an English conversation club after closing of the school, and she often joins us. So, the people who came to the party at Taste-6 were some of members of the club mainly.携帯may 118.jpg-a

     Taste-6 is located near Nagoya Station, but it has a quiet surrounding. I thought it was a kind of urban oasis. They offer four kinds of lunch specials. I had a chicken salad lunch that day, and it was really nice. After lunch, we moved to a coffee shop and enjoyed chattering together.携帯may 132.jpg-a

     Another party was held at Elephant’s Nest in Fushimi at night. Many of her ex-coworkers and students got together and I was able to see some old familiar faces and many new people at the party. I tried a British beer named John Smith’s. I liked it! We enjoyed drinking, eating, and talking and regretted at parting with her. TS3N0757

     However, she’s cancelled to leave Japan! She’s found a new job here in this country! That’s fabulous! She doesn’t need to change her life style! That’s great! But she’s already cleaned up most of her home furnishings…Well, I guess it’s not bad to get rid of old things at moments. Anyway, it’s nice that she’s got a job and that I can see her again!TS3N0764


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