East-West Melodies



    Can you imagine of the concert of Chinese pipa, erhu, piano and soprano? It might be beyond your imagination. There was a concert titled Tozai-no-shirabe, or east-west melodies, at Aichi Shukutoku University the other day. That was a memorial event for celebrating its new department.img_03

   It was the first time for me to see and listened to Chinese pipa and erhu in person. Those are traditional Chinese musical instruments. They sound very Chinese. But fantastically the players played melodiously modern music with piano and soprano.img_04



    Chinese pipa was played by Mr. Tu Shan Xiang, erhu by Mr. George Gao, piano by a beautiful Italian, Ms. Vanessa Banelli Mosell, and soprano was Ms. Rumi Yano, the Japanese.img_05

     They played some Chinese classic, classical music, such as Paganini’s and Tárrega, and Japanse music and so on. Chinese, Italian and Japanese musicians played European and Asian music. That was exactly east-west melodies. I enjoyed their impressive performance and really had a good timeimg_06!

Photos: Aichi Shukutoku University


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