Meito’s Day


     May 10th is Meito’s Day. Meito is an area name, which is called “ku” in Japan, in Nagoya. Because the number of 10 is called “to” in Japanese, people play on words linking Meito (=May-to) and May 10.  TS3N0724

     There are many events in Meito-ku around the 10th of May every year. I went to Fujigaoka because I’d heard there would be many stalls in the area for Meito’s Day on 8th.TS3N0727


     There were many stalls of Rumanian, Korean, Indian, and Mexican food and African goods and so on near Fujigaoka Station. I had tortillas, tandoori chicken, curry and naan. They tasted nice! TS3N0725

     While I was eating, a Rumanian man had played Rumanian music with the keyboard. After the music, African music started. I enjoyed an international flavor at the event. TS3N0736


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