There was an interesting event named “でてきな祭” in Obata-Ryokuchi Park yesterday. “でてきな祭” sounds like “detekina-sai” and it means “Come out!”, and “” means a festival. I hadn’t known anything about the event until yesterday, but it seems to be held every year.TS3N0777

     I heard music I didn’t know when I arrived at the park yesterday. I saw a DIY stage where two men were playing the musical instruments and a couple dancing. It seems that the musicians are from Hungary and the couple is a Rumanian man and his Japanese wife. TS3N0768

     There are some stalls in the event: Korean, Rumanian, Peruvian, Indonesian, Pakistani, Indian, and Vietnamese food, Bangladeshi sari, Japanese sweets and used clothes. There are a few information booths as well, such as Egyptian and Swedish culture. Some people were teaching how to play the matouqin, which is a Mongolian musical instrument, to visitors.TS3N0769

     I had Pakistani curry and rice, an Indian beans hamburger, Indonesian fried dumplings and sweet potato drink, Rumanian grilled chicken, and Peruvian chicken rice with Inca Cola. Did I eat too much? They were so good!TS3N0770

     By the way, Morizo and Kikkoro, which used to be mascots of Aichi Expo in 2005, also came to the event, and kids were very happy to touch them. Anyway, I had a good time!TS3N0775


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