Cafe Millet


TS3N0680.jpg-a     A new café has opened recently in a clinic nearby. Café Millet. 

     The café is run by an organization for disabled people named Himawari, which is located behind the clinic for internal, pediatric and dermatological disease. All food is cooked by a national registered dietitian and a licensed chef, and is homely and healthy. It uses Mairo’s bread for their morning special.TS3N0677.jpg-a

     I’ve tried their lunch special. You can choose brown or white rice. I chose brown rice at that time. All dishes tasted wonderful. I think their food has power to make people healthier. Probably it’s because they serve seasonal food and don’t use processed food. TS3N0679

     They bake tube cake as well. Some of the cake is made from rice flour. I’ve tried the rice tube cake and grain coffee. They taste mild. I was able to relax there. TS3N0678


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