A Movement


     What if a boss of a gang group moved to your area? Now there is a rumor that a henchman has planned to build a new house for the boss in my neighborhood. There was a big meeting and a parade for protesting it last Sunday. TS3N0695

     I’ve wrote it is a rumor, but Japan’s National Public Safety Commission and the police structure has already taken action against the gang group and watched the planned construction site. Besides, some mass media have written up about the issue. TS3N0696

     The man has bought about a half-acre of parcel and has already planned to build a huge house. He bought the land last year, but he couldn’t launch because most of construction firms have rejected contract for fear of erosion of trust. TS3N0699

     But a small building company has undertaken the job at last, and it has decided that the construction will start this summer. They have to complete until May of next year because the boss is now in jail and will be back on the street then. It would seem that the new house is a gift for his release.

     Anyone can build a house and live there if it is legal. No one has the rights to stop the man who has bought the land from proceeding. But more than 600 neighbors and the police got together had the meeting and the parade last Sunday. It was for a big appeal for the public and the gang group.   TS3N0706

     If the boss and his henchmen came to live in this area, we won’t let them have their own way. We made our intension clear that day. The police even let the traffic light green until all of us got across the street. (It caused a big traffic jam…) I hope this movement makes the situation better.


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