D’s Farewell Parties



     It was last October when the English school where I had been to for a month year ago last March went bankrupt. That was a short notice. All teachers and staffers got dumbstruck when they were announced three days before the sudden closure. I’ve heard most teachers have already left Japan because it’s difficult to get a new job here during this recession. It was sad that I had to say goodbye to a teacher D who used to teach me in the school last week.

 TS3N0675   Actually, one of his farewell parties was held on the same day as the cheese fondue party. So, I left the cheese fondue party in Imaike in the middle with some of the other participants and headed for the farewell at the Red Rock, the Aussie Bar, in Sakae. 

      It was my first time to go to the bar, but it was easy to find because of the flag hoisted at the building. I climbed up the stairs to the second floor and opened the door, when I was very surprised that it was really cramped conditions. It looked like the jam-packed train of the subway Higashiyama line during the morning rush hour. It was very difficult to even buy drinks.


        I managed to find people who used to be students or staff at the English school in a corner of the cigarette smoke- filled bar and enjoyed conversation with them. But…where was D? Although I was able to find him, I had just a short conversation with him. He was surrounded by many friends, and had to talk to each of them and to take photos. 


       I gave up talking to him because I was supposed to see him at another farewell party later. I was able to talk with an actor instead. I thought I was familiar with the actor when I saw him at the bar, but I couldn’t immediately place where and when I had met him before. I remembered about him then. He appeared on the play of Romeo and Juliet when I went to see it two years ago.

       Anyway, I took part in another farewell party for the teacher the other day, and was able to talk to him at leisure. It was held at an Italian restaurant named Prego in Lachic, Sakae, where I was able to see not only the teacher but also two of ex-staffers.

      The reason of the party was really sad, but the meeting was nice and the food was excellent, especially the Gorgonzola pizza ordered by D. I didn’t know that Gorgonzola pizza goes well with honey! I wish D well with his new life!



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