Cheese Fondue Party


DSCF3549.jpg-a      “Do you know Heinz?”
     Suddenly R who had been talking to N about something turned to me and asked. 
     “Well, you mean Heinz of Plastic Factory? If so, yes. I’ve never been to the bar, though….”  

     R was talking to N how delicious Heinz’s cheese fondue was and how she wanted to eat it again. N was, of course, interested in the cheese fondue. According to R, however, it was necessary to make a reservation for more than 15 people to try Heinz’s cheese fondue. Heinz is from Switzerland. He must know a special recipe.


     “How do you know him if you’ve never been to Plastic Factory, then?” R asked to me in surprise.
     “Actually, I don’t know him so much. He is the husband of a chiropractor who used to treat me. So, I’ve met him three times: at a Vietnamese restaurant, the chiropractor’s apartment, and the waiting room of a dentist.”
     “At a dentist?”
     “Yeah, that was by accident, though.” 

     The chiropractor C healed me when I got injured by skiing long time ago. Those days I hadn’t studied English yet. But I began learning English after I got well, and C and I went to Canada together to study English! In spite of that, we’ve fallen out of touch somehow. I was thinking about that while talking to R. 


     I wanted to not only try the cheese fondue but also meet C again. R and I decided to have a cheese fondue party and asked our friends to come there. We had the party on April 10. There were more than 20 people in the party, and we had a really good time. Heinz’s cheese fondue was excellent! It was my first time to eat authentic cheese fondue. According to C (Yes! I was able to see her there!), the recipe is from Heinz’s family in Swiss. 

100417 011.jpg-a 

100417 014.jpg-a  

     I enjoyed myself having delicious cheese fondue, flesh salad, drinking lots of wine, chattering with many friends, and being reunited with Heinz and C. That was a fantastic night! 

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