Spring Classes


     Congratulations on your success on the entrance exam! The new academic year starts in April in most schools and colleges in Japan. Many freshmen must have started their new lives with both concerns and hopes in their minds, and most teachers must be very busy preparing for their new classes. March, before this month, may be a kind of transient time for rest for teachers. But I’ve asked a few of them to have classes during the spring vacation. TS3N0635.jpg-a

     Hisako, a friend of mine, is a very kind and generous woman. She’s offered her house for the classes. I guess it’s very tough to receive many people in your house every day, but she did. Besides, she’s served tea, coffee, snacks and even lunch for the participants! Thanks to her, I was able to take some classes and had a really wonderful time at her place last month!TS3N0625.jpg-a

     Especially after N’s class and D’s birthday, we had big lunch parties. The participants were able to talk much, having delicious food, and had a really wonderful time. On D’s birthday (Actually, it was on a day before his birthday.), D and Toshi, a student of his, played the music together. That was wonderful! The participants may have enjoyed the party more than D, the birthday boy, because of the nice live music!TS3N0629.jpg-a

     The participants tried to pay for the meal to Hisako, but she never accepted it. Finally she has decided to accept the money as donation for somewhere. Actually, we wanted to pay for food to her…but donation is good. Unfortunately, there were two big earthquakes during the spring vacation. One hit Haiti last February and another Chili last March. So we sent the money the participants in the lunch parities had donated to the Red Cross the other day. donation

     Anyway, I enjoyed myself taking some interesting classes and having wonderful lunch together with my friends in the spring vacation. I hope my English skills have improved even a little…


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