A Gorgeous Day


     “I’m having a kind of concert at home soon. Why don’t you come?”
     “Concert? At home?”
     “Yeah, about 100 people will come. You can enjoy delicious food as well!”

     J invited me and some of my friends to his party the other day. We said, “Yes, I’ll come to your house!” in unison. All of us wanted to see his house where 100 people can get together. TS3N0637.jpg-a

     I went to J’s house with my friends. It looked like an ordinary house outside, but I, no, we were very surprised to see the room where the concert was held because it was really big and looked like a restaurant. TS3N0638.jpg-a

     Participants were gathering little by little when we arrived. All of them looked gorgeous. I felt as if I was attending a wedding reception or something. I was relieved to have got dress before leaving home. Actually, I had been wearing worn-out jeans in the morning.  TS3N0643

     The concert was a Japanese singer’s. She is Ms. Setsuko Fuchimoto, who is a professional singer of canzone, chanson, and popular songs, and has a music school. She looked very pretty, and her voice was amazing! She sang many songs related flowers this time, such as Karatachi-no-hana and Granada. Her clear and pure voice and gentle songs have relaxed me.  TS3N0650

     Ms. Fuchimoto’s songs were, of course, wonderful, and the piano played by Mr. Shigeru Akao was also great. It was not only the music that I was impressed. Food was also amazing. Sushi, okonomiyaki, oshirukTS3N0655o, salad, cake, etc…I regretted to have had a light meal before the party…

     A man sitting next to me is from Canada, and I enjoyed myself talking to him, too. Somehow there were also some politicians at the party, where I met even a former minister. Wow! Listening to wonderful music, having delicious food, chattering to friends and other participants, and seeing some famous people…I had a gorgeous day!

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