Centrair’s 5th Anniversary


     Aloooooooooooooooooooooha! Centrair, the international airport in Aichi, had Hawaiian feel to it the other day. It has marked the 5th anniversary and has had a big event for it. I don’t know why the event has been Hawaiian…Anyway, I went to the airport during the event too see a friend of mine dancing a hula there. TS3N0610

     I decided to have lunch before the friend appeared on the stage. It was around 1 o’clock in the afternoon. The airport building has many restaurants, especially on the fourth floor. Most of them, however, had lots of people waiting in a queue. I thought I had to wait for at least one hour to enter a restaurant. So, I went to the first floor.TS3N0606

     The floor was very quiet because most people get together on the third or the fourth floor where there are many shops and restaurants. But I knew there was a buffet on the first floor. It was a nice spot. I was going to eat there. The restaurant, however, had banished. TS3N0608

     But luckily it has changed to another buffet! Chinese restaurant! It seemed to have opened recently because there were many handsel flowers both inside and outside of the restaurant. I found a young cook making noodle lively, and ordered a soup noodle to him. That was delicious!TS3N0621

     After lunch, I returned to the fourth floor and had an ice cream for dessert. The ice cream was not ordinal vanilla one, but it was miso flavor one. Do you know miso? It’s fermented soybean paste and tastes salty. The ice cream has a unique and interesting taste. Oops! I was going to see my friend’s performance at this airport!TS3N06190001

Many hula dancers in beautiful costumes pop up one after another on the stage. I was amazed to know so many and a variety of age of people enjoy dancing hula. My friend looked happy and very beautiful in her costume while dancing with her companies. I enjoyed a holiday in the Hawaiian atmosphere that day. TS3N0614 TS3N0615


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